ATAC Improves Logistics Planning and Enhances the Travel Experience on Rome’s Public Transportation
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ATAC Improves Logistics Planning and Enhances the Travel Experience on Rome’s Public Transportation

With more than 13,000 employees, ATAC SpA is the largest public transportation group in Italy. The company manages close to 500 square miles of routes and is responsible for ensuring 4 million trips per day, including surface and underground transportation, special services to schools and the disabled, and tourist transportation lines. ATAC’s primary goal is to guarantee logistic solutions and public transportation infrastructures as well as provide innovative technologies and services that will enable travelers to commute comfortably around Rome. The company also strives to continuously improve citizens’ quality of life, reduce the environmental impact of public transportation, and increase employee and customer safety.




A word from ATAC SpA

  • “Oracle is our strategic information systems partner. Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition provides us with the reliability, stability, and scalability we need to manage our vehicle and driver assignment program.” – Sauro Salvati, Project Manager, ATAC SpA

  • Manage unplanned events, such as break downs, drivers’ illnesses, and delays due to traffic
  • Synchronize transportation depot activities with those of the operations room to help monitor service variations in real time
  • Automate assigning vehicles for each driver’s shift and effectively manage available personnel resources to cover all necessary shifts
  • Convey technical information about the vehicle fleet to the company in real time
  • Automate summaries of services rendered


  • Created and implemented ATAC’s application, based on Oracle Application Express, running on Oracle Database, which it calls its Vehicles and Drivers Assignment Program and is used for daily management of local public transportation service
  • Automated vehicle monitoring and availability information, thanks to an Oracle Transparent Gateway implemented on Oracle Database
  • Managed service changes, reserve drivers, and driver overtime by automatically assigning uncovered shifts according to established overtime rules, saving time and reducing human errors
  • Assigned vehicles automatically to a given bus route line by integrating technical information regarding individual vehicle features, availability, and efficiency from bus maintenance data
  • Eliminated need to generate paperwork and traffic data between the central office and the depots, preventing errors and making any information regarding vehicles and drivers available in real time

Why Oracle

“ATAC has adopted Oracle solutions for many years. Oracle meets our needs for a scalable, stable, and highly reliable solution capable of integrating with other existing company tools,” said Sauro Salvati, project manager, ATAC SpA.

Implementation Process

The implementation of the Vehicles and Drivers Assignment Program system—which is based on Oracle Application Express and Oracle Database—took approximately 10 months, during which the system was customized and adapted to meet ATAC’s specific transportation needs. ATAC initially implemented its system for seven transportation depots and will extend it within the next two months to the remaining depots, supporting a total of 200 internal users.


Oracle partner M.A.I.O.R. specializes in software solutions for planning and optimizing public transportation services. The company took advantage of user-friendly Oracle Application Express and the stability of Oracle Database to create and implement its innovative, web-based, and database-centric application that automates and accelerates daily vehicle and personnel management for public transportation companies.

“M.A.I.O.R. initially installed the application in seven ATAC depots. Thanks to the ease of implementation and the excellent results achieved, it will support ATAC’s extending the system to all company depots, thus improving management of more than 2,000 vehicles and 6,000 drivers. Oracle solutions were key to ensuring the application supported ATAC’s business,” said Luigi Cuseo, Key Account Manager Maior.