Atos IT Solutions and Services Raises Platform Profitability by 1.5x and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Hosting Environment

Atos IT Solutions and Services Raises Platform Profitability by 1.5x and Reduces Total Cost of Ownership for Hosting Environment

Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH provides information technology (IT) solutions and services. It operates one of Europe’s major data centers, managing the IT infrastructure for more than 100 Austrian companies in industries, including manufacturing, retail, financial services, telecommunications, and utilities. It offers IT outsourcing, business-process management, systems integration, and consulting for a variety of customer environments for business intelligence, customer relationship management, enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning, human resources, product lifecycle, and supply chain management. Atos IT Solutions and Services is a subsidiary of Atos SE, an international IT services company delivering managed operations, consulting, and systems integrations to a client base in 52 countries and multiple business sectors.




A word from Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH

  • “In today’s competitive marketplace for IT outsourcing services, customer expectations are continuously increasing. Oracle SuperCluster gave us the extreme performance we need to stay competitive while reducing our total cost of ownership and time-to-market. Oracle helps us be successful at helping our customers be successful.” – Eduard Kowarsch, COO, Managed Services, Central Eastern Europe, Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH

  • Decommission end-of-life servers and replace them with a standardized, more secure, faster platform to deploy and manage outsourced customer operations and business-process-management IT landscapes
  • Reduce platform total cost of ownership by lowering costs of acquiring hardware and for long-term spending on maintenance, power, cooling, and space
  • Ease platform administration and minimize effort required to deploy, operate, and maintain customer environments to reduce operational costs associated with Atos’ licensing model
  • Meet high-performance and high-availability service level agreements (SLAs) for business-critical services to avoid contractual liability
  • Decrease contract costs for customers of the company’s outsourced services to help grow their businesses and ensure customer satisfaction while increasing Atos’ profitability to secure its market position


  • Increased batch processing with 10x more input/output operations per second by replacing the IBM AIX platform with Oracle SuperCluster, a unified and high-performance engineered system that integrates virtualization, computing, storage, networking, and systems management, enabling Atos to optimize service levels
  • Supported multiple customer environments without buying standalone infrastructures for each and instead allocating a different Oracle Solaris zone to each customer and managing virtual environments with Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center
  • Reduced the cost of software licensing purchased by Atos by 50%, lowering customer expenses and driving a projected 1.5x growth in platform profitability
  • Reduced monthly spending on power, cooling, and space by 75%, replacing standalone servers with Oracle SuperCluster at a ratio of 4:1 to run customer databases, middleware, and applications
  • Lowered the number of IT administrators required to maintain the environment by more than half by removing many variables around supporting heterogeneous deployments, such as multiple systems management setups, individual patches, and driver updates
  • Decreased preproduction testing requirements and the risk of hard-to-identify malfunctions associated with integrating disparate components, enabling IT staff to focus on faster, SLA-compliant outage resolution for customers as well as further data center automation and cost savings
  • Minimized Oracle SuperCluster deployment time as Oracle engineers performed on-site, standardized system installation and configuration to improve availability, reduce risk, and optimize performance as part of the Oracle SuperCluster Installation Service
  • Eliminated risks involved in managing critical software updates and feature enhancements by working with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services experts who provide regular reviews, including patch and configuration recommendations

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle SuperCluster because, unlike alternatives from other vendors, it enabled us to operate a multitenancy environment to host more than one customer on one machine, which is critical for our IT outsourcing business. In addition, everything from Oracle is tested up front, easy to use, and easy to upgrade, from firmware versions, to middleware and system management. Finally, we selected Oracle because the solution provides everything we need in one box, allowing us to reduce the number of servers and lower energy consumption and space occupancy in our data center,” said Eduard Kowarsch, COO, managed services, Central Eastern Europe, Atos IT Solutions and Services.