Aurubis Gains 100% Visibility into Licensing and Reduces Software License Costs

Aurubis Gains 100% Visibility into Licensing and Reduces Software License Costs

Aurubis AG is the world’s largest copper recycler, with production sites in Europe and the United States and an extensive service and sales system for copper products in Europe, Asia, and North America. The company’s core business is the production of marketable copper cathodes from copper concentrates, copper scrap, and copper recycling raw materials. Each year, it produces approximately a million tons of copper cathodes, which are processed into continuous cast-wire rod, shapes, rolled products, and special wire made of copper and copper alloys. Precious metals and a number of other products, such as sulfuric acid and iron silicate, round out the company’s product portfolio.




A word from Aurubis AG

  • “Oracle License Management Services provided deep expertise and objective advice. We expanded our knowledge of Oracle licensing, optimized our Oracle investment, and ensured compliance, thereby, reducing legal and operational risks.” – Dr. Jörg Meyer, Executive Director IT Services Group Infrastructure, Aurubis AG

  • Optimize Oracle license utilization and allocation subsequent to a company restructuring that involved outsourcing the data center
  • Understand license ownership, rights, and limitations for Oracle products to align software requirements to actual business needs—fast delivery of high-quality copper cathodes to customers in the copper semis industry; the electrical engineering, electronics, and chemical industries; as well as suppliers of renewable energies, construction companies, and carmakers
  • Modernize, simplify, and streamline license management to support company expansion of manufacturing and sales activities to new locations in Germany, Sweden, and Belgium, which help fulfill the continuous strong demand for copper cathodes in global markets—without incurring unnecessary license costs


Oracle Product and Services

  • Engaged Oracle License Management Services (LMS) to review Aurubis’ software license estate, diagnose potential deficiencies in meeting regulatory mandates, and forecast license and budget requirements
  • Identified unused, underused, or duplicated licenses that can be recycled or reharvested without impacting copper manufacturing, sales, and distribution activities to reduce Oracle software license costs
  • Established a single source of 100% accurate information about Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Forms, and Oracle Reports licenses by utilizing automated discovery tools and scripts to analyze contract entitlements and current license utilization
  • Eliminated all financial, operational, and legal risks as well as unscheduled license costs by ensuring compliance with Oracle licensing models and contractual obligations
  • Gained the transparency needed to facilitate organizational changes—such as mergers, acquisitions, and opening new facilities—by improving the IT team’s understanding of the company’s Oracle license investment across 17 copper recycling sites, 32 sales offices, and four service centers, each with differing procurement procedures and overlapping contracts

Why Oracle

“Aurubis has subsidiaries in 22 countries across three continents. Given the geographical spread, the high number of licenses involved and the depth of specific information needed, gathering this data manually or with a tool not specifically engineered for this purpose commonly leads to business interruptions and mistakes,” said Dr. Jörg Meyer, executive director IT services, Aurubis AG. “We consider Oracle License Management Services to be the most qualified expert to conduct a fully automated analysis of our current license usage and requirements, identify discrepancies, and deliver detailed recommendations on how to optimize our Oracle licensing estate and effectively manage Oracle licenses in the future.”