Autoglass Expands Data Storage, Makes Query Responses up to 60-Times Faster
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Autoglass Expands Data Storage, Makes Query Responses up to 60-Times Faster

  • Oracle Customer:  Autoglass
    Location:  Espírito Santo, Brazil
    Industry:  Automotive
    Employees:  1,200

Autoglass specializes in automotive glass products and services. It has more than 30 branches and many authorized service centers spanning Brazil to meet the automotive glass and accessory needs of retailers, mechanics, insurers, auto dealers, and end consumers. The company also replaces and repairs passenger and cargo vehicle lights, side windows, and automotive parts. Autoglass’ mission is to provide drivers and passengers with safety and peace of mind during their vehicular travels.

Autoglass’ revenue grew 30% to 40%, annually, in the past three years. At the same time, it introduced many IT systems into its environment—automating nearly 90% of its core processes. These factors—growth and automation—placed considerable strain on the company’s data infrastructure, so that its core IT systems did not perform at their peak.

To improve IT performance and enable the company to effectively manage and reap the benefits from all of its data, Autoglass implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Since deploying the solution, Autoglass has gained the ability to complete core procedures up to 60-times faster, such as on boarding new policies generated by its insurance partners.




A word from Autoglass

  • “Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides superior performance, reliability and scalability for Autoglass’ technological environment. Now we can execute procedures up to 60-times faster than before.” – Fabrício Ferri, IT and Telecommunications Executive Manager, Autoglass

  • Support rapidly growing operations with an IT infrastructure that improves core business process efficiency and supports delivering high-level service to customers and business partners, including retailers, auto dealers and repair shops, insurers, and consumers
  • Gain the ability to effectively reap the business benefits of sales and inventory data for the company’s price-sensitive auto glass and auto accessory products
  • Accelerate critical processes—such as on boarding new policies from insurance partners, performing system backups, and completing monthly financial closings


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine X2-2 to achieve optimal performance for the transactional data environment used for administrative and operational applications, such as enterprise relationship management, customer relationship management, and specific business applications
  • Gained the ability to support rapid business expansion and exponential data growth after automating 90% of its business processes
  • Ensured sufficient processing and storage capacity to absorb anticipated robust business expansion over the next two years
  • Solved application and database load and performance issues, significantly accelerating average response times for internal users, retailers, garages, insurers, and car dealers
  • Reduced, to a matter of seconds, the minutes previously required to check auto parts stock and consult partner-generated insurance policies—improving customer service
  • Gained the ability to execute procedures up to 60-times faster, such as for on boarding insurance partners’ new policies, consulting existing insurance policies, and completing the month-end financial close
  • Reduced transactional database backup time by roughly five-times, from 23 hours to 5 hours, ensuring data security and avoiding overlaps for this daily task

Implementation Process

“The organization and care that Oracle executed in delivering Oracle Exadata Database Machine was admirable—from the physical delivery, to verification of the computing environment, to putting the machine into operation. This avoided setbacks, and we have not had any problems or incompatibility issues to this day,” said Fabrício Ferri, IT and telecommunications executive manager, Autoglass.


Autoglass worked with Oracle partner Decatron to implement Orace Exadata Database Machine X2-2. Decatron monitored Oracle’s equipment release process and carried out approval and migration of Autoglass’s legacy environment to Oracle Exadata Database Machine. “Decatron stayed with us for three days after the switchover to ensure that everything remained stable and in good working order. Oracle Exadata has delivered strong benefits from the start. We also have been very satisfied with the partner’s performance during every step of our migration,” Ferri said.