Avea Telecommunication Services Accelerates Reporting to Improve Campaign Analysis and New Service Delivery

Avea Telecommunication Services Accelerates Reporting to Improve Campaign Analysis and New Service Delivery

With 14.1 million customers, Avea Telecommunication Services A.Ş. (Avea İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş.) is the sole Turkish Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) operator working in the 1800 megahertz frequency band, also known as Long Term Evolution (LTE)—an extremely high performing radio-access technology.

Avea, the youngest GSM operator in Turkey, offers high-quality services to 98% of the country’s population and is experiencing rapid growth in corporate and individual services. They have international roaming partnerships with 674 operators in 205 countries.




A word from Avea Telecommunication Services A.Ş.

  • "Oracle Exadata Database Machine enabled us to optimize data mining, increase analytical efficiency, ensure easy access to accurate information, target the right customers, and support operations with real-time data by running an average of 2,500 ad hoc queries per day.” – Serdar Ozkan, Database Operations Manager, Avea Telecommunication Services A.Ş.

  • Create a flexible and efficient data warehouse to gather and store dynamic operational application data—such as call data records and billing and fraud information—to drive fast reporting and immediate access to business data across the company
  • Complete a seamless migration of historical data—large volumes of mission-critical communications data with complex data structures—without disrupting or disabling active business processes
  • Improve telecommunications campaign management by creating more specific target audiences and running more detailed postcampaign analyses


  • Used Oracle GoldenGate 11g to migrate customer-related data from individual systems—such as provisioning, services activation and utilization, billing, payments, and collection—and create a central repository on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, raising data access performance by a factor of five and enabling business users to access customer information simultaneously
  • Used Oracle Exadata Database Machine’s advanced data compression capabilities to decrease data volumes fivefold—from 50 to 10 terabytes—eliminating the need for additional hardware investments
  • Enabled instant propagation of operational changes on customer records into the warehouse by decreasing the Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) batch window by more than 30% thanks to Oracle Data Integrator 11g’s ETL optimization capabilities
  • Accelerated network usage and customer demand reporting performance threefold to tenfold by integrating network monitoring source systems and operational data stores with Oracle GoldenGate 11g
  • Enabled 500 reporting users to analyze an endless stream of data—such as call start, call end, costs, wallet loads, and data usage—using Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g’s advanced visualization and analysis features
  • Established a telecommunication-specific data model with party, location, tariff, invoice, subscriber, and customer entities, enabling the company to analyze its customer retention campaigns, product promotion campaigns, and service bundles much more precisely
  • Collaborated with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to provide end-to-end monitoring of the data center and the underlying infrastructure, which reduced data warehouse maintenance efforts by nearly half through automation

Why Oracle

“Oracle offers the best tools for data integration and access. We rely on Oracle systems and expertise in each step of our business processes. Oracle enabled us to focus on data transformation by enabling better analytics and faster decision-making. As a result, our customers enjoy a better mobile and broadband experience,” said Serdar Ozkan, database operations manager, Avea Telecommunication Services A.Ş.