Averitt Express Gives Customers a 360-Degree View of Global Supply Chains with Integrated Transportation Management
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Averitt Express Gives Customers a 360-Degree View of Global Supply Chains with Integrated Transportation Management

Averitt Express, Inc. provides freight transportation and supply chain management solutions to customers in more than 100 countries. Now in its 42nd year of service, the company’s service offerings include cross-border, domestic, and offshore; dedicated; expedited; intermodal; international; ocean or air; local customization; less-than truckload; PortSide®; transportation management; truckload (dry van, flatbed, brokerage); and warehousing. Averitt’s technology offerings include a full suite of Web-based shipping tools, electronic data interchange (EDI), and transportation and operations management systems. Averitt works with its customers to tailor transportation management solutions that are based on individual goals and objectives.

Averitt’s previous transportation management system—referred to as Freight Logic —was a solid solution for managing outbound transportation from a single location, but it was not capable of examining the entire supply chain. If a customer wanted to manage inbound transportation, it needed to deploy a separate software instance, which did not automatically integrate with the outbound system. The previous system also did not support multiple customer locations. As such, Averitt’s customers could harvest transportation data, but it was extremely difficult to develop an end-to-end view that would support business decisions.

To maintain its competitive advantage in the transportation management space, Averitt needed to upgrade the system for a more complete supply-chain view. The company also wanted to control costs by using a software-as-a-service model. 

After evaluating several solutions, Averitt selected Oracle Transportation Management to lower transportation costs, improve customer service and asset utilization, and provide flexible, global fulfillment options. The unified software instance from Oracle helped the organization to optimize its cross-location transportation network and obtain a 360-degree view of the supply chain.




A word from Averitt Express

  • "With Oracle Transportation Management, our customers have access to a very powerful end-to-end supply chain management solution. With improved analytics, they can optimize freight payments and reporting. These are capabilities we simply did not have before.” – Jeffery Wilhite, Director of Sales, Averitt Express Supply Chain Solutions

  • Provide an advanced transportation management system that enables companies to optimize inbound and outbound transportation supply management to gain a 360-degree view of the entire supply chain
  • Improve communication capabilities within the entire transportation supply chain
  • Leverage a software-as-a-service environment to control transportation management system costs
  • Enhance analytics capabilities to help optimize the supply chain


Oracle Product and Services

  • Integrated and streamlined transportation planning, execution, and freight payment on a single application of Oracle Transportation Management across all modes of transportation, from regional, partial truckloads, to complex global shipments
  • Improved analytics capabilities to help optimize the supply chain
  • Provided customers with a comprehensive transportation management solution that can account for multiple variables across the supply chain—including time, costs, origins, and destinations—in a cloud-based environment
  • Achieved global transportation management capabilities—including multiple language and currency capacity—without expensive customizations
  • Gained supply-chain event management capabilities—identifying pick-ups, delivery times, and in-route exceptions—which enabled proactive delay notifications and streamlined the invoicing and payments process 
  • Offered customers a unified software instance that could be integrated with their existing systems to optimize the supply chain across the entire transportation network, leading to additional savings
  • Developed a long-term goal to provide collaborative transportation solutions between customers and build appropriate information channels to manage the collaborative process 

Why Oracle

“We looked at several other transportation management software suppliers, and Oracle best met our needs. At end of day, when we put together our checklist of what we wanted, Oracle came out on top and provided us with the right solutions for our customers,” said Jeffery Wilhite, director of sales, Averitt Express Supply Chain Solutions

Implementation Process

The implementation process—from planning to go live—took less than six months. The company began with an exhaustive scoping process and identified two customers that would be the first to go live on the new transportation management system. After the initial planning process, Averitt worked closely with its partners to train its staff and successfully complete the implementation. Oracle partner MavenWire built a solid, standardized logistic-service-provider process that could be used repeatedly to expedite on-boarding new customers.

“Thanks to the extensive scoping process at the beginning of the implementation and the support of our partners, MavenWire and E2open, we have had two very successful kickoffs on the Oracle Transportation Management system and two very satisfied customers,” said Jeffery Wilhite, director of sales, Averitt Express Supply Chain Solutions.


MavenWire is a leading, global provider of consulting, hosting, training and application development services. The partner provided Averitt Express with hosting services for the Oracle Transportation Management software, and it supported Averitt with the entire implementation process, through staff training.

“We were comfortable that having MavenWire host Oracle Transportation Management would enable us to get the best hardware and database performance. This was a crucial decision because our customers require maximum system availability with minimum latency. After researching our options, MavenWire’s staff, and their experience with Oracle Transportation Management, made this an easy decision,” said Nick Fields, director of analysis and administration, Averitt Express Supply Chain Solutions.

E2open is a leading provider of cloud-based, on-demand software solutions. E2open supported the integration of the Oracle solution with the disparate systems leveraged by Averitt Express’ customers.  

“MavenWire and E2open were critical the success of this initiative. MavenWire was very involved—helping us with each step of system development and training our team, so we can be self sufficient down the road,” Wilhite said.