Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires Streamlines Daily Balance Sheets and Shortens Transaction Processing from Seven Hours to Three Hours
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Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires Streamlines Daily Balance Sheets and Shortens Transaction Processing from Seven Hours to Three Hours

Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires is, by constitutional mandate, the official bank of the City of Buenos Aires. It is the city’s financial agent, setting credit policy and focusing on promoting employment growth, with an emphasis on assisting midsize companies.

Banco Ciudad has 60 branches and 438 cash machines, both in the City of Buenos Aires and its metropolitan area, known as Greater Buenos Aires. The company’s product portfolio includes checking accounts, saving accounts, fixed-term deposits, loans for individuals and companies-with a special focus on midsize companies based in metropolitan Buenos Aires, and including credit and debit cards, and pawning transactions.




A word from Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • “Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials enables us to efficiently generate accurate, daily accounting reports as required by the central bank. The scalable application gives us peace of mind when it comes to our financial operations.” – Ester Lagomarsino, Development Submanager, Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires

  • Eliminate paperwork and improve operational efficiency by incorporating all business rules and information for managing public tenders—from bidder information to purchase order generation—into a single system
  • Accelerate producing daily account sheets that comply with Argentina Central Bank regulations, which require that all banks submit daily, monthly, and quarterly accounting information
  • Optimize and standardize purchasing processes to meet internal regulatory requirements, ensure fair and cost-effective procurement, and improve operational efficiency


  • Upgraded Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financials applications to streamline the bank’s daily, weekly, and quarterly account closes and comply with Argentina Central Bank financial reporting requirements
  • Shortened transaction processing from seven hours to three hours, while simultaneously executing batch and online processes—optimizing daily accounting for all product lines, including deposits and withdrawals
  • Increased by 8% automated transaction entries from other applications that are related to the business of the bank 
  • Automated fiscal control of registered vendors, decreasing payment processing time by 25% by eliminating manual review of data and avoiding mistakes in issuing purchase orders
  • Used Oracle’s PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing to optimize the public tender process, incorporating all business rules into the system, from provider registration to purchase-order generation—automating processes, saving time and money, and eliminating paperwork
  • Modernized purchasing, allowing open auctions and providing quotes for closed events online to bank providers
  • Allowed the bank to seamlessly integrate applications for managing minor expenses with flexible PeopleSoft applications, ensuring standardized procurement processes and compliance
  • Standardized administration of certified records for providers, including information on fines and sanctions, improving purchasing, administrative efficiency, and governance over procurement activities
  • Improved administration and control of the bank’s art collection, thanks to the ability to effectively integrate an in-house-developed application with PeopleSoft Financials

Why Oracle

“Banco Ciudad has used PeopleSoft since 1999, and we chose to continue with this Oracle solution because it allows us to easily manage the public bid process that we must follow when making purchases. Additionally, by upgrading PeopleSoft Financials, we can finalize our daily balance sheet four hours faster,” said Ester Lagomarsino, development submanager, Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

“PeopleSoft is the force behind all the transactions the bank conducts. At the close of operations, each application shuts down, generating files that PeopleSoft Financials transforms into bookkeeping entries—for all branches,” said Julián Viedma, PeopleSoft development team leader, Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Implementation Process

Banco Ciudad worked with Interservices Consulting SA, an Oracle Gold Partner, to implement PeopleSoft Financials. The company also added PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing and PeopleSoft eProcurement.

The company began deployment in July 2010 and went live, on time, in July 2011. The bank has approximately 500 PeopleSoft Financials users, distributed across 60 branches in Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires. Banco Ciudad relied, during and post implementation, on My Oracle Support for rapid issue resolution.


Interservices Consulting managed the PeopleSoft Financials upgrade and customized PeopleSoft Purchasing, adapting it to the bank’s purchasing  system. Interservices provided technical and functional users’ training.

“Interservices has in-depth knowledge of PeopleSoft and could work within our planning requirements, providing specialized human resources from Argentina depending on the needs that emerged from the implementation of the PeopleSoft modules, which are at the heart of the bank’s accounting processes,” Viedma said.