Banco Espírito Santo Increases Sales Campaign Success Rate by 25% with Enterprisewide Customer Relationship Management Solution
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Banco Espírito Santo Increases Sales Campaign Success Rate by 25% with Enterprisewide Customer Relationship Management Solution

Banco Espírito Santo (BES), founded in 1869, is the second-largest private financial institution in Portugal with a 20.3% domestic market share, 2.1 million customers, and more than 700 in-country branches. It also has a strong international presence with operations in 23 countries and four continents. It reports capital holdings of US$ 4.1 billion and net assets of US$105.5 billion. In 2011, Global Finance magazine named BES the "Best Trade Financial Bank" in Portugal for the fifth consecutive year.

With strong growth in its major markets, BES needed a modern, cost-effective, scalable, and reliable customer relationship management (CRM) solution for its retail operations. The bank wanted to optimize client relationship management. It also wanted to integrate all customer touch points and service channels to improve the success of its sales and marketing initiatives.

Increasingly, banking relationships are built on a multichannel strategy. This new reality requires careful coordination and integration across channels to provide a seamless customer experience, whether the customer is interacting with the bank via an ATM, e-mail, the Web, traditional mail, text message, phone, or in person at a bank branch. With Oracle’s Siebel CRM 8.1 applications, BES significantly increased sales of its new financial products all across all channels by up to 25%, and it expects to increase annual revenue by up US$4 million annually. It also improved the success rate of bank branch sales, marketing, and lead generation campaigns by nearly 10%. Additionally, banks can now carry out up to 170 simultaneous marketing campaigns, a significant increase over its legacy environment.

BES employees welcomed the bank’s Siebel CRM implementation. Approximately 75% of BES sales personnel were using the system within six months of implementation. In fact 94% of BES internal users (sales users) consider the system far better than the legacy system.




A word from Banco Espírito Santo

  • “We are very happy with Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications. We already knew that this was the best solution available, but it has surpassed our best expectations.” – João Manaças, Customer Relationship Management Manager, Personal Marketing Department, Banco Espírito Santo

  • Deploy an enterprisewide CRM solution that enables the bank to effectively manage and expand a multichannel marketing strategy
  • Synchronize all bank marketing and client communication channels―including branches, ATMs, e-mail, direct mail, text message, telephone, internet banking, and mobile banking―to optimize financial services product sales
  • Improve multichannel marketing campaign effectiveness to drive higher lead-to-sales conversion rates
  • Streamline sales and marketing initiatives to make the best use of time and resources and to optimize client relationships
  • Gain the ability to rapidly assess sales and marketing campaign effectiveness, even mid-campaign, to enable real-time adjustments that improve outcomes


Oracle Product and Services

  • Deployed Oracle’s Siebel CRM 8.1 applications to gain an enterprisewide platform for launching, tracking, managing, and analyzing the bank’s multichannel sales and marketing initiatives
  • Gained the ability to customize customer offerings, thanks to visibility into a client’s entire history with the bank, strengthening customer relationships and increasing sales
  • Increased campaign sales by more than 25% per month, thanks to Siebel CRM 8.1 applications, which enable the bank to run 170 simultaneous campaigns―a significant increase over the legacy environment
  • Increased, by 40%, the number of traditional direct marketing campaigns, thanks Siebel’s microsegmentation capabilities
  • Enabled each sales force team member to complete 58 relevant commercial interactions per month
  • Achieved a 30% conversion rate on event campaigns
  • Enabled automatic assignments of 70% for outbound contacts to a “preferred seller”
  • Increased sales volume from 22% to 26% out of the total sales amount achieved by the Retail Banking division through campaign leads
  • Projected a US$4 million increase in annual revenue, thanks to Oracle Siebel CRM, which will further increase BES’ competitive advantage
  • Ensured rapid adoption of the easy-to-use system, with approximately 75% of BES sales personnel using the system within six months of implementation and 94% of internal users (sales users) rating the system as far better than the legacy CRM tool

Why Oracle

“Oracle’s Siebel CRM 8.1 turned out to be the best solution to address the critical challenges we face. It’s a solution widely implemented, tested, and used in the banking industry. That, coupled with the solution’s robust functionality, gave us confidence in our choice. The solution has proven itself to be ideal for a bank like ours and has helped us grow our revenue in a relatively short time,” said João Manaças, CRM manager, personal marketing deepartment, Banco Espírito Santo.

Implementation Process

In a project that lasted approximately 10 months, Oracle provided technical and implementation rollout support. Oracle and BES worked together to ensure the CRM platform was fully integrated with the bank’s legacy applications and software. 

“The implementation process was key to our success with Oracle’s Siebel CRM. We had several teams, including BES’ IT and human resources departments, working in close partnership. Just nine months after rollout, direct marketing campaign sales had increased 25%. Estimates suggest that the new CRM environment will translate into a US$4 million increase in annual revenue,” João Manaças said.