Be The Match Accelerates Employee Recruitment and Onboarding for Its National Marrow Donor Program, Completes 99% of Performance Reviews On Time
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Be The Match Accelerates Employee Recruitment and Onboarding for Its National Marrow Donor Program, Completes 99% of Performance Reviews On Time

The National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) is the global leader in providing marrow and umbilical cord blood transplants to patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other diseases. The nonprofit organization matches patients with donors, educates healthcare professionals, and conducts research, so more lives can be saved. NMDP also operates Be The Match, which provides support for patients and enlists others in the community to join the Be The Match Registry.

Matching bone marrow and umbilical blood donors with patients in need is a complex process, and the organization requires employees with unique and often highly specialized skill sets. Be The Match needs mission-driven people who can help advance research, optimize technology, improve access to all cell sources, and recruit and retain committed donors. 

Be The Match was handling a growing volume of paper resumes to fill more than 300 positions annually, and it collected more than 800 performance reviews on paper. The organization realized its paper-based recruitment and performance management processes were no longer adequate, and its legacy HR management system wasn’t adapable to meet changing needs.

Be The Match selected Oracle Taleo Business Edition (TBE) cloud-based HR solutions to automate and standardize processes, with the goal of getting the right people into the right roles at the right time―while improving its ability to retain the best employees. Oracle TBE Recruiting Manager Cloud Service, Oracle TBE Onboarding Cloud Service, and Oracle TBE Performance Management Cloud Service have been an important part of transforming Be The Match’s HR department into a more strategic function. These solutions enabled Be The Match to automate core processes, increasing its capacity to focus on other strategic HR initiatives. The organization is recruiting for more positions while reducing the time-to-fill rate to less than 60 days, on average. It also has streamlined the performance review and goal process, thus completing 99% of its performance reviews within the designated due date. In addition, the cloud-based solution ensures high availability, timely maintenance, and best-practice enhancements, while freeing the internal IT team to focus on other strategic priorities.




A word from Be The Match, National Marrow Donor Program

  • "Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service was the frontrunner when it came to choosing our talent management platform. The solutions are easy-to-use, affordable, provide an attractive interface, and deliver workflow capabilities that we never had before." – Tiffany Lyons, Systems & Solutions Administrator, Be The Match

  • Automate and streamline core HR processes to support expansion of the organization that seeks to match marrow and cord blood donors with patients in need
  • Enable Be The Match to efficiently identify, recruit, onboard, and retain a growing number of specialized professionals and community educators
  • Automate and streamline core processes to increase capacity to focus on strategic HR initiatives
  • Facilitate regulatory reporting associated with Be The Match’s status as a federal government contractor
  • Ensure a cost-effective and highly available HR system that does not place a management burden on the internal IT team


  • Deployed Oracle TBE Recruiting Manager Cloud Service, Oracle TBE Onboarding Cloud Service, and Oracle TBE Performance Management Cloud Service to improve core HR process efficiency and increase capacity, allowing staff to spend more time on strategic initiatives that support the organization’s growth
  • Automated and replaced cumbersome paper-based systems, saving time and money and expanding visibility into candidates and processes―from recruiting, to onboarding, to performance evaluation and goal management
  • Enabled the organization to recruit a growing number of employees, including highly skilled professionals, with the same number of resources―and to fill positions more quickly―in less than 60 days on average
  • Gave managers new levels of visibility into and control over recruitment and performance and goal management processes
  • Enabled the organization to complete 99% of performance reviews within designated due dates
  • Aligned performance criteria for all employees with Be The Match’s competencies to ensure employees understand what is expected of them
  • Established a standardized process for setting and measuring employee goals―helping to improve retention and ensuring that goals align with organizational strategy
  • Developed internal talent pipeline by incorporating and capturing development goals and action plans in Oracle TBE
  • Transformed the performance review process from a once-a-year event to an ongoing development process involving coaching, goal setting, and regular feedback to drive high performance
  • Enabled new personnel to get up to speed faster with Oracle TBE Onboarding Cloud Service and Oracle TBE’s application programming interface features
  • Improved ability to apply employee skill sets to new opportunities, thanks to greater visibility into competencies and the use of internal candidate portals
  • Facilitated compliance with federal contractor regulatory requirements with the help of streamlined data collection, built-in filters, and automated reporting
  • Accelerated user adoption and minimized training requirements with the easy-to-navigate-and-use system
  • Ensured high availability and efficient HR system management with a cloud-based platform, freeing internal staff members to focus on other strategic priorities
  • Achieved predicable IT costs and avoided additional infrastructure investment, enabling the nonprofit organization to optimize budgets and plan effectively

Why Oracle

Be The Match required a robust and integrated solution that would enable it to automate core HR processes, eliminate paper, and better align organization strategies. The solution also had to be affordable to own and maintain. Oracle TBE cloud-based HR management solutions delivered on all of these requirements. Be The Match also avoided the need for additional IT infrastructure investment and optimized internal IT resources for strategic initiatives. In addition, the solutions are also easy to use and easy to implement, which accelerated adoption while reducing training requirements.

Implementation Process

Be The Match deployed the solutions quickly and seamlessly. It worked with Oracle Taleo team members to define processes and workflows, which proved to be the most time-consuming part of the implementation process. Be The Match deployed Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service in one month and Oracle TBE Performance Management Cloud Service in just three months.