Beam Connects Local Brands to Their Global Organization With Taleo
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Beam Connects Local Brands to Their Global Organization With Taleo

  • Oracle Customer:  Beam, Inc
    Location:  Deerlield, IL
    Industry:  Consumer Goods
    Employees:  3,200
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Beam depends greatly on Microsoft Outlook® for organizational communications and coordination. Taleo integration with Outlook to manage both goals and feedback in the performance review process was an enormously valuable capability. The Beam organization is also extremely mobile where employees rely heavily on their mobile devices to stay connected to their offices. Taleo’s mobile strategy is an ideal cultural fit with how Beam personnel work. And the online presentation of data—quickly and successfully deployed in partnership with Taleo design and configuration services—was able to smoothly integrate with the Beam intranet. This reinforced the unified feeling of the site and enhanced its usability, reducing or even eliminating the need for training and management oversight.

Almost immediately, Beam automated its paper-based performance processes. Three quarters of the employee population had their goals aligned all the way up to Beam’s global priorities within 30 days of rollout, rather than the estimated six months it would have taken using paper forms. The rollout included the entire salaried population of Beam. Taleo’s ease of use enabled personnel to get up to speed quickly. Even before training materials and programs were finalized, many users had voluntarily—and enthusiastically—created their own talent profiles. This gave management greater insight into global talent and better succession planning capabilities.

Beam’s second phase of deployment included employee development and succession planning. Global talent planning gives managers a view of personnel around the world—across brands and even functions—to help identify top performers who can be cultivated for even greater contributions. At the same time, employees are more engaged and feel a greater sense of empowerment to drive success for Beam, and their own careers. And it addresses corporate leadership’s need for long-term strategic development of the company.

A word from Beam, Inc

  • “We had 75 percent of our employee population with goals that aligned all the way up to company priorities within 30 days of rollout.” Jacqueline Kuhn Manager, Global Technology & Processes Beam, Inc.




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  • Taleo Performance
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  • Aligned 75 percent of employee population on corporate goals within 30 days of rollout.
  • Streamline performance goal-setting with a scoring system that eliminated paperbased processes.
  • Identify top performers for development and succession planning.
  • Consolidate online presentation data to reduce the need for training oversight.
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