Boosts Webpage Views by 70%, Increases Items Placed in Shopping Baskets, and Runs 160 Concurrent Brand and Product Promotions
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Oracle Customer Programs Boosts Webpage Views by 70%, Increases Items Placed in Shopping Baskets, and Runs 160 Concurrent Brand and Product Promotions

  • Oracle Customer: Ltd
    Location:  Manchester, United Kingdom
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  52
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million Ltd is the United Kingdom’s largest independent online luxury beauty-product retailer. The company sells more than 10,000 products from leading brands like Urban Decay, Paul & Joe, Mario Badescu, bareMinerals, and Dr Sebagh. It strives to stock consumers’ favorite brands and serve as a leading source of beauty information and product reviews. The company won an Online Retail Award in 2013 in the Beauty, Perfume & Cosmetics category.




A word from Ltd

  • "Oracle Endeca paid for itself in three months. Without it, we would need 100% more IT staff to sustain our expanding business." – David Gabbie, Managing Director, Ltd

  • Sustain the rapid sales growth that has made the company one of the top, online hair care, skin care, and make-up product retailers in the United Kingdom
  • Increase viewer-to-customer conversion rates in the trend-driven cosmetics business where most customers still make their purchases at brick-and-mortar shops
  • Bring more buyers to the checkout page by enabling them to find what they want quickly and easily—without navigating through brands or top-level categories, such as nails or bath and body, to find the desired item
  • Maximize sales and basket size by enabling customers to browse and purchase beauty items through their preferred online delivery channel—such as PC, smartphone, or tablet
  • Improve the customer experience through context-aware sales content and relevant marketing initiatives to maximize satisfaction, increase repeat visits, grow cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, and ensure long-term loyalty in the competitive beauty products industry
  • Launch and refresh multiple brand campaigns and time-based promotions concurrently without adding in-house web designers, developers, and IT support


  • Achieved a return on investment in three months by replacing the legacy website with a new storefront and search engine built on Oracle Endeca Experience Manager and Oracle Endeca Guided Search
  • Grew year-on-year sales by more than 50% with guided navigation and type-ahead capabilities in Oracle Endeca Guided Search which helped consumers find items faster
  • Increased visitor-to-buyer conversion rates by 50% using Oracle Endeca Guided Search to create a personalized shopping experience with in-context marketing and special offers related to each client’s search
  • Increased page views by 70% by using Oracle Endeca Experience Manager to build customized, dynamic landing pages for each beauty brand, category, and product
  • Achieved 1.3 million hits each month to the new website using the powerful search engine optimization capabilities of Oracle Endeca Guided Search to enable buyers to search by attributes and keywords and help drive traffic to the site from image searches or industry-specific search engines
  • Benefited from attractive, interactive website with links to advice pages, features and blogs on beauty-related topics, and customer reviews to increase the average time purchasers spend browsing by 3%
  • Used Oracle Endeca Guided Experience Manager to automatically adjust page layout to the customer’s device to optimize the viewing experience for PCs, smart phones, or other mobile devices
  • Capitalized on improved website usability and targeted promotions to grow typical customer basket size, increase repeat visits, and grow long-term loyalty
  • Used Oracle Endeca Experience Manager’s intuitive page building functionality to automate updates to products and prices and enable merchandizers to refresh content with minimal reliance on the IT team and hard-coding
  • Streamlined e-commerce platform creation and management and cut in half the number of required web designers and developers
  • Created new web pages to promote new products as well as consumer and seasonal trends in 24 hours, a process that previously took weeks using legacy technology and external developers
  • Capitalized on the campaign management functionality in Oracle Endeca Experience Manager to run 160 concurrent seasonal or time-based promotions, and trigger automatic price changes
  • Enhanced the customer experience with Oracle Endeca Guided Search to provide relevant, in-journey merchandizing to increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities by proactively anticipating customer needs and meeting them with relevant products
  • Set to extend website functionality by allowing customers to compare products by price, stock availability, strength of other buyer recommendations, brand, and other attributes

Why Oracle evaluated e-commerce management solutions from hybris and Fredhopper but rejected them in favor of Oracle Endeca, as the solution met its needs with less risk and cost. Oracle Endeca’s modular solution suite enabled to purchase only the functionality it needed, which also led to a faster implementation with less complexity and lower cost of ownership.

"Oracle Endeca offered us the functionality we wanted when we needed it, which accelerated return on investment without the flexibility limitations of the competitors’ solutions," said David Gabbie, managing director, Ltd.

Implementation Process implemented Oracle Endeca over a 12-month period using its own IT team. Oracle’s support for open standards enabled the retailer to interface Oracle Endeca with the third-party and in-house developed order-fulfillment, inventory-management, and customer-service tools to build an end-to-end integrated e-commerce platform.