Benxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Processes Employers’ Social Insurance Payments 50 Times Faster

Benxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Processes Employers’ Social Insurance Payments 50 Times Faster

Benxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau is responsible for implementing and enforcing provincial and national laws, regulations, and policies related to labor, human resources, and social security.

The bureau faced increased demand in social security services and rising capital expenditures due to growing IT power consumption and maintenance requirements. To resolve these issues, it implemented Oracle Exadata Database Machine—a powerful, highly available, and environmentally friendly cloud-based database platform. Oracle Exadata has significantly improved the processing speed for massive volumes of pension, employment, work-related injury, maternity, and healthcare insurance services data.

The bureau has increased by 50 times the speed at which employers’ social insurance payments can be processed. Interest accrual and pension transfers can also be processed 15 times faster, and data center costs have been reduced. The new private-cloud platform has also established a centralized, citywide human resources database that can provide lifetime services for residents in Benxi city.




A word from Benxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

  • “By deploying Oracle Exadata Database Machine to build our cloud-based database platform, we have significantly reduced batch processing times for massive volumes of social security services data. For example, we can process employers’ social insurance payments in 12 minutes, compared to 10 hours previously, and process interest accruals and pension transfers in one hour, rather than 15 hours.” – Zhan Wei, Deputy Director, Municipal Social Insurance Administration, Benxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

  • Meet the requirements of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China by implementing a database platform that integrates data and IT applications for social security, employment, human resources, and labor supervisory services
  • Provide powerful data analysis, reporting, and batch processing capabilities that can support massive volumes of pension and healthcare information, including 47 million medical records and 180 million medical expense details
  • Increase the responsiveness of the social security platform, which supports more than 8,000 organizations and 1.1 million people in the social security program
  • Integrate the database hardware and software underpinning the social security platform to reduce IT power consumption and maintenance requirements and lower the total cost of ownership


Oracle Product and Services

  • Cut the time required to process and approve employers’ social insurance payments by 50 times, from 10 hours to 12 minutes
  • Reduced the time needed to process interest accruals and pension transfers by 15 times, from 15 hours to 1 hour
  • Lowered power consumption by more than 60%, reduced the floor space required to house hardware by 70%, and cut air conditioning, ventilation, dust removal, and UPS costs by consolidating social services, reports, and data extraction
  • Decreased total cost of ownership by minimizing malfunctions and staff workloads, using the central console to optimize and centralize services for maintenance, diagnosis, and administration
  • Ensured future scalability by adding half-, full-, and multiple-rack configurations to the existing platform, with each configuration provisioned with balanced hardware components to enable a rapid and cost-effective expansion
  • Allowed organizations and individuals to access social security services through multiple channels in a timely and convenient manner by complying with the ministry’s requirements to adopt a browser-server architecture
  • Improved social security services by shortening online transaction processing (OLTP) response times so that four OLTP databases could be integrated
  • Performed more efficient data analysis and reporting in the new system—such as generating millions of personal account statements on time—by increasing the online analytical processing (OLAP) response speed
  • Eliminated network transmission delays, low CPU efficiency, poor I/O transmission channel performance, and irrelevant business applications stored in a traditional disk array, by taking advantage of I/O communication, server, and storage systems

Why Oracle

The bureau needed a powerful, scalable, and highly available database solution to support its social security platform, which comprises a large number of systems containing massive volumes of data.

“Oracle Exadata Database Machine offers enhanced OLTP and OLAP capabilities, which helps us optimize our application systems to meet real-time transaction and data processing demands,” said Zhan Wei, deputy director, municipal social insurance administration, Benxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. “Oracle Exadata’s redundancy features also ensure the high availability of all systems running on the platform.

“The centrally deployed private cloud database platform also means we no longer need to invest in designing high availability features for different applications, significantly lowering the total cost of ownership,” he added.

Implementation Process

In October 2011, Oracle’s Exadata team began installing Oracle Exadata Database Machine
X2-2 HP Quarter Rack, two Oracle Database 11g nodes, and 36 high-performance 600GB hard disk drives.

Oracle Partner Neusoft then helped migrate the pension, employment, work-related injury, maternity, and healthcare insurance applications and databases to Oracle Exadata. The migration was completed in December 2011.

The cloud-based social security platform went live in January 2012.


  Neusoft is one of China’s leading IT solutions and services providers. The Oracle Partner helped the bureau develop its cloud-based database platform using Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Neusoft also implemented its in-house social security application to help support Oracle’s range of hardware and software products running on the platform.

“Neusoft undertook a complex cloud database project and completed it efficiently and confidently,” said Wei. “The company’s extensive knowledge of Oracle technologies was a key factor in the project’s success. We were very impressed by the team’s work.”