BIAS Corporation Helps Customers Establish Cloud Environments 10x Faster While Ensuring High Performance for Managed-Service Offerings

BIAS Corporation Helps Customers Establish Cloud Environments 10x Faster While Ensuring High Performance for Managed-Service Offerings

BIAS Corporation is an Oracle Platinum Partner, specializing in design, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive IT solutions for some of the world’s leading organizations. Oracle applications, technology, and hardware systems are the company’s primary focus and the foundation of its business. BIAS Corporation works hand-in-hand with Oracle’s development, product management, support, and sales teams to build and deploy high-performance enterprise business solutions in addition to providing clients with cost-saving managed services for turnkey systems management.

BIAS Corporation is not only an Oracle partner, it also runs its business and fuels growth with Oracle solutions, including Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. The company uses the newest version of the solution to help it manage several environments, including its center of excellence demo environments.

“It is important that these environments, which showcase our Oracle solution offerings, perform flawlessly, as they are often one of the first impressions we make on a customer,” said William Kendall, director, architecture services, BIAS Corporation. “Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables us to effectively manage these environments, from the hardware and middleware through applications.”

In addition, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is the foundation for BIAS Corporation’s managed-services offerings, which assure that clients’ mission critical systems are constantly monitored and managed to achieve targeted performance, stability, reliability and availability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As the company manages a growing number of private clouds for its clients, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c enables BIAS Corporation to compete effectively in this rapidly evolving market.

“Customers are looking for solutions that make it easier for them to set up and manage their cloud environments. With Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, the industry’s first and most complete cloud management solution, we can help customers establish and manage their clouds up to 10x faster,” said Maaz Anjum, solution architect, BIAS Corporation. “It enables complete visibility into physical and virtual environments and supports self-service provisioning as well as policy-based resource management.”

As BIAS Corporation expands its own cloud-based offerings, including its database cloud and infrastructure-as-a-service cloud, it also relies on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c. The company benefits from e-mail alerts to ensure that the environments are healthy and meeting availability and performance-service-level agreements. BIAS Corporation uses the solution to create a profile for a deployable environment using the company’s best practices. BIAS professionals can then pull up a profile in Oracle Enterprise Manager and set up the new environment in hours instead of weeks—improving agility and technician productivity.

The organization finds the metric-extension feature particularly valuable for use internally and with its clients. This Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c feature enables BIAS Corporation to collect customized performance metrics for applications that the group supports. For example, application-monitoring file processing needs to happen at a specific rate per hour. Most enterprises run this manually, which is inefficient because it provides just a snapshot of the environment as opposed to critical-trend visibility. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c automates the process and enables continuous proactive monitoring and alerting, as well as trend identification and analysis. This capability supports better capacity planning for enterprises, delivering greater insight into how much capacity is being used and is likely to be needed. With this valuable insight, BIAS Corporation can provide the best counsel to its clients about optimizing their current and future IT investments.

Oracle GoldenGate also plays an important role in BIAS Corporation’s IT service offerings, as the group uses this to facilitate complex business processes for clients from nearly every industry. For example, BIAS Corporation leverages Oracle GoldenGate for real-time data replication and reporting in its managed-services environment. When a customer or technician opens a service ticket, data is captured in Oracle Database and then replicated, via Oracle GoldenGate to an offsite Oracle Database environment within seconds. This approach ensures that BIAS Corporation has a second, up-to-date copy of this vital data. Using Oracle Enterprise Manager’s 12c plug in for Oracle GoldenGate, BIAS Corporation also has created a robust real-time reporting environment to rapidly identify and chart performance and issue trends—ensuring optimal service for managed service clients.

A word from BIAS Corporation

  • "Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c is much more than a database and server-level management tool. The newest version of this proven solution now provides the industry’s only complete solution for managing clouds and delivers a new look and feel. We can now deploy Linux from bare metal through middleware and software with a few clicks of a button – delivering tremendous value and saving significant time and effort.”– William Kendall, Director of Architecture Services, BIAS Corporation



Why Oracle

BIAS Corporation relies on Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c to ensure the performance and reliability of its center of excellence and cloud environments, and it uses this proven solution as the foundation for its managed services offerings. Further, it provides unprecedented functionality to rapidly create and manage cloud environments, providing the company with a competitive edge in the emerging private-cloud sector.