Bionexo do Brasil Shortens Monthly Financial Closes from Two Days to Eight Hours with Simplified Access to Commercial and Financial Data
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Bionexo do Brasil Shortens Monthly Financial Closes from Two Days to Eight Hours with Simplified Access to Commercial and Financial Data

Bionexo is a community comprised of e-commerce portals specifically for the hospital segment, which include more than 30,000 registered agents from the sector’s production chain. Founded in 2000, the company has three e-commerce portals focused on hospital management (Bionexo, Publinexo and Opme) and Infonexo, a business intelligence system offered to customers by subscription, providing health-market data that allows users to identify opportunities and assess and plan marketing and sales actions. Bionexo, which is in the process of expansion, has a presence in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Spain.




A word from Bionexo do Brasil

  • “Oracle Database Appliance is critical to our business, as we cannot run the risk of leaving a hospital unsupplied. It enables us to achieve high levels of availability, reliability, and speed for e-commerce transactions, even as our customer base grows.” – Haniel Muniz, IT Director, Bionexo do Brasil

  • Support a growing number of hospitals, laboratories, and suppliers who purchase and/or sell medical products and services via Bionexo portals with the guarantee of efficient delivery of vital equipment, medicines, and hospital supplies
  • Ensure high security and reliability for customer transactions, such as the purchase of expensive laboratory equipment, enabling the company to meet its service level agreement commitment of 99.6% portal availability
  • Create a highly scalable IT infrastructure that enables pursuing new hospital commerce business in other countries, while ensuring e-marketplace performance in existing markets


  • Adopted Oracle Database Appliance, achieving a 35% performance gain, improving data management for the organization’s three e-commerce portals in Brazil and abroad, and guaranteeing timely delivery of supplies to hospitals and other healthcare facilities
  • Accelerated monthly financial close from two days to eight hours, thanks to Oracle Database Appliance’s automated database management, gaining timely insight into financial performance
  • Guaranteed 99.6% portal availability and gained the ability to internally audit transactions, making this information available to customers and storing it for three years for possible future internal audits
  • Ensured security, business continuity, and data traceability for customers in Brazil and abroad through Oracle Active Data Guard, an option of Oracle Database 11g, by replicating the database every five minutes, avoiding the risk of information loss, and maintaining the integrity of critical information, such as pricing and terms
  • Enabled the company to provide new services to nearly 6,000 registered suppliers via the sales portal, such as market data extraction and sales performance reports
  • Improved database performance with Oracle Tuning Pack, which helps identify bottlenecks, enabling Bionexo to expand its customer base and service offerings without additional IT investment
  • Gained the ability to work with a single vendor for streamlined support in case of service interruptions

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Database Appliance because of its easy implementation, exceptional cost-benefit ratio, and ease of use, which minimizes maintenance costs. Our previous IT infrastructure could not have supported the company’s significant growth,” said Haniel Muniz, IT director, Bionexo do Brasil.

Implementation Process

The Oracle Database Appliance implementation project was very simple. We completed the go-live in just 10 days, which was a very quick process considering our environment’s size,” Muniz said.


“Partner DBA Corp demonstrated significant expertise during our implementation.” Muniz said. “In addition, Oracle Tuning Pack enabled us to expand our business at a lower cost, providing customers with faster response time, which translates into lower resource consumption. It also allows Bionexo to take on more customers with no need to change our structure. Without Oracle Tuning Pack, it might have been necessary to do an upgrade to reach the current number of users. Not only did we reach our goal, we now have great scalability with Oracle Database Appliance.”