Bluelock Achieves 40X more Usable Bandwidth per Server with 97.5% Fewer Networking Devices

Bluelock Achieves 40X more Usable Bandwidth per Server with 97.5% Fewer Networking Devices

Bluelock is an enterprise cloud hosting provider and is one of only a handful of companies certified by VMware to offer VMware vCloud Datacenter Services, a service that VMware calls an “IT revolution for millions of existing datacenter applications.”

With Bluelock, clients can fluidly migrate their VMware-based applications to Virtual Datacenters hosted in the public cloud, achieving the business agility and cost effectiveness of public clouds without compromising on the portability, compatibility, security and control that enterprise IT managers demand. Bluelock Virtual Datacenters help companies get started with projects quickly, while delivering the freedom to change their minds as IT needs evolve.

Business Challenges

A word from BlueLock

  • “The only downside is that Xsigo was disappointingly simple to install and configure!” - Aaron Branham Bluelock’s director of IT

Bluelock’s rapidly growing business presented multiple challenges for the company’s IT organization. The first was to reduce infrastructure complexity.  Aaron Branham, Bluelock’s director of IT commented,  To our clients, our service is all about flexible capacity. It’s essential that we respond quickly to their  changing needs, so our infrastructure must be adaptable and scalable.”

Traditional server I/O did not meet this goal. Every server needed ten physical I/O  connections, and for every 500 virtual machines  deployed there were 50 network devices. This resulted in complexity that reduced flexibility and increased cost. Furthermore, because it was hard to quickly find and fix trouble spots, it became increasingly difficult to meet their aggressive uptime objectives.

The second challenge was to decrease the time required to migrate a virtual machine from one host to another. With traditional I/O it took 60 to 120 seconds per VM, which meant that it could take hours just to evacuate all of the VMs from a host and to then move them back. In day-to-day operations, this duration limited the number of virtual machines that could reside on a single server, which in turn limited the efficiency of the overall environment.

The third challenge was change management.  Traditional I/O not only added cost and complexity but also made it very difficult to add I/O capability or new resources. Any modifications that required  infrastructure changes were time consuming,  thus increasing the total cost of adding new capacity or services. 


80% simpler infrastructure

Faster vMotion and better overall throughput

Improved agility




  • Reduce infrastructure complexity
  • Accelerate vMotion events
  • Increase agility to help deliver more and better services


Oracle Product and Services

  • Xsigo
  • 17X more virtual machines per hardware device
  • 66% less I/O cabling
  • 97.5% fewer network devices
  • 8X greater virtual machine capacity
  • 40X more usable bandwidth per server
  • Improved power consumption and uptime

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