Boiron Italia Improves Logistics, Sales, Project Management, and Control Processes

Boiron Italia Improves Logistics, Sales, Project Management, and Control Processes

  • Oracle Customer:  Boiron Italia
    Location:  Messimy, France
    Industry:  Life Sciences
    Employees:  200
    Annual Revenue:  $500 Million to $1 Billion

For more than 80 years, Boiron has been a worldwide leader in the production of homeopathic medicinal products, which it distributes in 80 countries in the world. The company, founded in France in 1932, has 4,000 employees and 18 branches. The first branch outside France was opened in Milan, Italy, in 1979. Today, Boiron Italia is led by its President Silvia Nencioni and also Claudia Gurschler.




A word from Boiron Italia

  • “Using Oracle’s applications and Oracle business intelligence, analysis, and planning solutions, we overhauled our information system and improved the effectiveness of our logistics, sales, project management, and control processes. Oracle’s flexibility and scalability perfectly met our reporting and planning requirements.” – Massimo Di Benedetto, IT Manager, Boiron

  • Generate operational reports for logistics, finance, purchasing, and sales areas and monitor business functions with a state-of-the-art reporting system for better reporting and streamlined business efficiency to achieve higher profitability
  • Centralize sales, procurement, logistics, and financial data in a single data warehouse to ensure the security and integrity of data used for business intelligence, controls, and planning
  • Support business strategies with planning and controls that improve decision-making and processes in areas such as managing clients, products, geography, and order channels to analyze performance and drive improvements
  • Optimize planning and simulation processes to achieve sales goals and to check homeopathic medicine stock to better plan purchases as well as sales promotions


  • Consolidated and automated reporting using Oracle Business Intelligence Suite to produce operational reports every 24 hours for sales, purchasing, customers, suppliers, and logistics teams to provide top managers with better and faster insights and a complete view of the business
  • Simplified reporting with ready-made and easy-to-customize reports to monitor the financial, sales, and logistics areas, allowing users to speed up the customary analysis of their specific business
  • Enabled managers to better analyze and promptly act on sales and promotion strategies to expand market share in the homeopathic medicine industry
  • Introduced a corporate model of economic planning by empowering operational business planning and sales, using Oracle Hyperion Planning for developing budgets and forecasts based on management decisions, translating them into economic forecasts on business progress, and allowing constant monitoring of the economic performance against forecasts and corrective actions
  • Introduced a model of monthly performance monitoring that includes historical analysis of the profitability of customers, products, channels, and geographical areas, using Oracle Essbase, which allows comparison with budget forecasts to provide wider insight into performance and possible interventions through corrective actions.
  • Created a single enterprise data warehouse using Oracle Database, ensuring a certified and centralized data source for financial, sales, logistics, and homeopathic product inventory information
  • Optimized sales forecasts with Oracle Hyperion Planning, which enables the logistics team to balance weekly procurement and sales forecasts and ensure an adequate stock of homeopathic medicines

Why Oracle

“We decided to switch from in-house application development to a more reliable solution, based on high-value technology, and selected Oracle in 2008. We chose Oracle mainly because of the flexibility and scalability of its solutions, which meant that we could implement the system quickly and get the functionality we require. Oracle is a valuable partner that delivers high-tech solutions that are consistent with our business management processes,” said Massimo Di Benedetto, IT manager, Boiron.

Implementation Process

Consultants from Oracle partner Atlantic Technologies supported the project and completed it in phases that focused on business intelligence, control, and planning. The company upgraded the system in May 2013 with the implementation of the forecasting system.


“Atlantic Technologies’ support was essential to our Oracle implementation and created a strong foundation for the tremendous value we are realizing from our investment. The team contributed its strong engineering and functional skills for the immediate projects, and will provide them as well for future initiatives,” Di Benedetto said.