BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD Gains Real-Time Replication and Synchronization for ATM, Point-of-Sale, and Web-Based Transaction Data

BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD Gains Real-Time Replication and Synchronization for ATM, Point-of-Sale, and Web-Based Transaction Data

The Bulgarian card payment system operator BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD was founded in 2010 following the merger between BORICA and BANKSERVICE.. It provides the infrastructure for Bulgarian retail and credit and debit card payments. The company develops and operates payment systems that ensure high-quality, reliable, and innovative payment systems between suppliers, customers, and banks. BORICA-BANKSERVICE also develops high-quality software solutions that automate finance-related activities.

BORICA-BANKSERVICE needed to migrate business-critical transaction data from its existing data center to a new facility without data loss or service interruption. The company also wanted to ensure continuous data availability during future maintenance and upgrades and protect against system or site loss for its HP Integrity NonStop Servers and Oracle Databases.

Oracle GoldenGate provides best-of-breed data integration and replication across BORICA-BANKSERVICE’s heterogeneous environment.





  • “Oracle GoldenGate supports our heterogeneous database environment with real-time data replication and synchronization that ensure always-on service availability.” – Radoslav Dimitrov, Head of Card Payment System Administration Department, BORICA-BANKSERVICE AD

  • Migrate ATM , point of sale (POS), and Web-based transaction data to a larger data center to ensure near-zero downtime and accommodate business expansion following rapid growth of the credit and debit card market in Bulgaria
  • Complete the migration without data loss or corruption and without disrupting the 40 ATM and POS transactions processed every second in the company’s authorization system that operates on HP Integrity NonStop Servers
  • Gain ability to apply patches, carry out system maintenance, and conduct future upgrades without the need for downtime or risk of service unavailability
  • Ensure continuous traffic and trail encryption and real-time data feed to the Oracle Databases
  • Avoid service loss in the event of system failure or unavailability of the primary data center


Oracle Product and Services

  • Used Oracle GoldenGate as the replication environment for migrating transaction data from the primary, back-up, and test servers to the new data center while ensuring real-time data synchronization
  • Completed a smooth migration with no loss of data and with less than one minute of downtime
  • Completed migration without performance loss or disruption to customers, merchants, and BORICA-BANKSERVICE employees, and avoided interruption to ATM, POS, online shopping, card processing, and card authorization activities in Bulgaria
  • Used Oracle GoldenGate to maintain critical application availability during ongoing system enhancements and upgrades by migrating operational data onto the back-up system
  • Enhanced operational performance and security by using Oracle GoldenGate to capture and deliver data and transaction changes as they occur and provide continuous synchronization between primary and back-up servers with no negative impact on service to end users
  • Benefited from GoldenGate’s ability to synchronize between heterogeneous systems to extract data from the HP Integrity NonStop Servers and load it into Oracle Databases in real time to ensure ongoing performance monitoring
  • Used Oracle GoldenGate to provide seamless data replication and real-time synchronization between production and back-up databases to ensure business continuation in the event of system failure

Why Oracle

BORICA-BANKSERVICE chose Oracle GoldenGate for its ease of installation, multiplatform operation, ability to support bidirectional data replication, and its traffic and trail encryption capabilities.

“We have successfully used Oracle GoldenGate to provide us with real-time data replication, synchronization, and back up for many years. Unlike competing solutions, Oracle GoldenGate supports replication between different database products and dynamic integration and transactional integrity across platforms without complex programming,” said Orlin Tsonveksi, senior administrator, card payment systems administration department, BORICA-BANKSERVICE.