Bouygues Telecom Reduces Customer Churn by 50% with Click-to-Call Technology
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Bouygues Telecom Reduces Customer Churn by 50% with Click-to-Call Technology

As a global electronic communications operator offering mobile, fixed line, TV, internet, and cloud computing services, Bouygues Telecom has 11.3 million mobile and 1.9 million fixed-line, broadband customers in France. The company launched a 100% online and commitment-free range of mobile plans in 2011, called B&YOU. More than 1.6 million customers have already signed-up for the low-cost service, where subscription, self-care, and cancellation services are carried out exclusively online via the B&YOU website.




A word from Bouygues Telecom

  • “Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service Implementation is very simple and quick to roll out, and it has enabled us to retain more than 50% of our B&YOU subscribers who ask to be put in touch with an e-advisor. As a key component of our completely digital customer service process, its functionality allows us to interact with customers at the right time, with convincing sales arguments.” – Emmanuel Flouard, B&YOU Client Relationship Manager, Bouygues Telecom.

  • Collect data on why B&YOU customers cancel their communications service subscriptions to help optimize customer service and marketing
  • Reduce B&YOU subscription cancellations to help increase Bouygues Telecom’s market share


  • Improved B&YOU customer management by offering click-to-call services during online cancellations to immediately connect customers to e-advisors
  • Retained more than 50% of B&YOU customers who asked to be put in touch with an e-advisor by providing targeted service explanations and sales proposals
  • Identified which customers to target with retention offers, thanks to a powerful rules engine in Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service Implementation that connects to the click-to-call services and pinpoints customers, providing specific reasons for cancellation 
  • Adjusted B&YOU pricing options through a better understanding of cancellations gained from customer feedback to e-advisors
  • Improved B&YOU customer follow-up by using real-time statistics, delivered by the Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service Implementation administration interface, to determine how many times a click-to-call invitation was accepted or refused, the number of phone calls, average duration of the calls, the URL where the customer was prior to accepting the click-to call invite
  • Implemented the click-to-call solution in less than six weeks, thanks to Oracle Consulting

Why Oracle

Following testing by B&YOU e-advisors, Bouygues Telecom adopted Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service Implementation, after chosing it over a competitor’s solution due to Oracle’s more attractive price and user-friendliness.

“Our B&YOU operations team is required to propose innovative customer relationship solutions to our marketing department and ensure that these solutions operate properly. We quickly realized the benefits we could draw from offering click-to-call services to customers who were cancelling their subscriptions. The Oracle solution was also easy to roll out, which further supported our decision,” said Emmanuel Flouard, B&YOU client relationship manager, Bouygues Telecom.

Implementation Process

“Oracle Click-to-Call Cloud Service Implementation is easy to roll out and we were operational on the system in less than six weeks with remote assistance by Oracle Consulting. Our specifications, written jointly by the operations and marketing teams, enabled customers to only view the click-to-call button, depending on their reasons for cancellation, if an e-advisor was available,” Flouard said.