Brasilcap Improves Portfolio Management for 2.3 Million Clients with Greater Insight into Customer Contacts
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Brasilcap Improves Portfolio Management for 2.3 Million Clients with Greater Insight into Customer Contacts

Brasilcap was founded in 1995 as a partnership between Banco do Brasil, Icatu Hartford, Sul América Capitalização, and Aliança da Bahia. The company’s first product, Ourocap PM 36, is a capital market investment fund that generated a 100% return on investors' capital in three years.

The company has 2.3 million clients to whom it delivered more than US$53 million in premiums in 2013. In 2012, InformationWeek singled out the company on a list of 100 IT innovators. Brazilian newspaper Valor Econômico also recognized Brasilcap as Brazil’s largest capitalization company in its annual “Valor 1000” report.




A word from Brasilcap

  • “Needing to create a more comprehensive service structure and expand our contact-center concept, we deployed Oracle customer relationship management applications. We now have greater control, management, and visibility into processes that involve the entire contact and service cycle by relying on a single, service-record database for all of our 2.3 million active clients.” ‒ Jacqueline da Silva Pinto, Client Management Director, Brasilcap

  • Create a single, consistent database with information on 2.3 million Brasilcap clients, including their contracted bonds and other records to provide simpler and more proactive services
  • Improve client management by streamlining report generation
  • Improve impact and success of marketing campaigns for securities and market capitalization products


  • Deployed Oracle customer relationship management (CRM) applications—Oracle Marketing Analytics, Oracle Contact Center Telephony Analytics and Oracle Sales Analytics—to standardize and unify databases for more than 2.3 million active clients in Brazil
  • Expanded analysis by using reports extracted with Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition, allowing the company to have a better insight into contact-center performance and customer-service quality
  • Accelerated client registration verifications by enabling call-center operators to do this directly, rather than transferring registration data to Banco do Brasil for verification or requiring clients to visit bank branches for this purpose
  • Centralized client-service records and control in a single database, significantly accelerating processes, such as clients’ investment redemptions
  • Gained the ability to measure responses to marketing and sales campaign as they are being executed, enabling the company to make proactive adjustments to improve outcomes
  • Replaced spreadsheet-based reports by using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, improving information accuracy and reducing errors associated with handling different documents
  • Raised the productivity of 280 internal users of Oracle CRM applications, including the customer service staff—which now works with a single, integrated repository of information, such as terms and conditions, having gained a 360-degree view of clients

Why Oracle

“We analyzed several alternatives on the market, but Oracle CRM applications fully met our IT and business needs. Oracle CRM applications are very robust and mature, and this is now our only repository for client relations management, which enables us improve data quality,” said Jacqueline da Silva Pinto, client relations manager, Brasilcap.

Implementation Process

“We deployed Oracle CRM applications and Oracle Business Intelligence, Standard Edition without obstacles and are confident that we will continue to achieve many more benefits from the solutions,” Jacqueline da Silva Pinto said.


“The BExpert staff provided valuable input during our selection and deployment of Oracle CRM applications. The project went into production on schedule, and we quickly achieved our business goals,” Jacqueline da Silva Pinto said.