Brasilcap Prepares for Strong Growth in Capitalization Markets by Making Critical Business Processes 15x More Efficient

Brasilcap Prepares for Strong Growth in Capitalization Markets by Making Critical Business Processes 15x More Efficient

Brasilcap was established in 1995 as a partnership between Banco do Brasil, Icatu Hartford, Sul América Capitalização, and Aliança da Bahia. The company’s first product, Ourocap PM 36, became a leader in the capitalization market after its second year of release, having returned 100% of its client investment in only 36 months.

The company currently has 5.9 million active capitalization bonds and 2.4 million clients, and it awarded US$74.5 million in bond lotteries in 2013. In 2012, InformationWeek ranked the company as one of the 100 top industry innovators in information technology. In 2013, Valor Econômico also acknowledged Brasilcap as the largest capitalization company in Brazil in its annual publication Valor 1,000.




A word from Brasilcap

  • “Oracle Exadata completely revolutionized our company’s data processing. We saw efficiency gains 15x higher in some of our critical business processes, such as for calculating capitalization bond lotteries and improving report generation and delivery.” – Felipe Avila, IT Executive Operating Manager, Brasilcap

  • Improve processing capacity for data related to clients, contracted bonds, and records to meet a 53x increase in capitalization bonds traded in the last five years due to the growing demand for this type of financial investment in Brazil
  • Accelerate business processes, like contact-center-performance monitoring to avoid bottlenecks in generating and delivering financial reports


  • Deployed Oracle Exadata Database Machine to support and improve access to Oracle Business Intelligence Applications—Oracle Marketing Analytics, Oracle Contact Center Telephony Analytics, and Oracle Sales Analytics—streamlining insight into contact center performance and customer service quality
  • Streamlined mission-critical business processes—for example, accelerating monthly financial report closings and reducing the time needed to calculate capitalization bond lotteries from 40 hours to 2 hours—improving access to financial information and projections, while guaranteeing timely report delivery to shareholders
  • Accelerated client-facing processes, like bond payments, and met tighter daily deadlines for customer service and sales reports delivery, providing managers and decision-makers with critical data, including data regarding paid, contracted bonds and financial projections
  • Decreased risk by leveraging Oracle Platinum Services (included at no extra cost with standard Oracle support) which provides experienced Oracle engineered systems experts to monitor the database environment in real time to identify bottlenecks and take corrective action before those issues impact the company’s business

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Exadata because it is a preconfigured platform that gives us the performance gains we need to stay competitive, as well as the critical supportability factors that help us achieve continuous availability and performance over time. By working with one vendor, we have a single source for updates, monitoring, and patching with Oracle Platinum Services’ specialists,” said Felipe Avila, IT executive operating manager, Brasilcap.

Implementation Process

“The Oracle Exadata deployment was transparent to all users. Our IT team and Oracle Partner Markway were highly involved. We had support from Oracle’s Advanced Services team from the beginning to the end of the project, which was crucial for the error-free implementation,” Avila said.


“Oracle partner Markway’s technical expertise and support played an important role in our issue-free deployment and improved our use of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine functionalities,” Avila said.