Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões Completes Card Transactions 6x Faster with Revamped Database Server and Storage Infrastructure
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Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões Completes Card Transactions 6x Faster with Revamped Database Server and Storage Infrastructure

Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões Ltda, holder of the Brasilcard brand, has operated in the magnetic card benefits and rewards market since 2000. The company offers services that aim to provide benefits and convenience to beneficiaries, such as employees, customers, students and citizens. As a motivational tool, Brasilcard’s services contribute to improving the performance of companies and organizations.

Brasilcard offers a wide range of solutions that help enhance beneficiaries’ quality of life. It rewards performance by offering greater freedom of choice, providing access to services and offers on restaurants, gifts, and transportation through cards for drug store, food, meal, salary advance, fuel, and gift card use.




A word from Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões Ltda.

  • “With Oracle Database Appliance, we’ve automated existing processes and created new ones. This helped us to unlock our IT infrastructure to deliver better services to customers, merchants, and internal users.” – Sebastião Carlos, IT Manager, Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões Ltda.

  • Streamline the sales process between certified network merchants, such as drugstores, gas stations, and restaurants and reward-program beneficiaries
  • Create sales and financial reports faster without disrupting the speed of transactional systems
  • Improve customer satisfaction through more responsive online and call center services


  • Completed credit and debit card transactions 6x faster by replacing a Dell platform with Oracle Database Appliance, accelerating magnetic card reads and data exchanges required to authenticate passwords and purchase amounts
  • Accelerated online transaction response time from three minutes to 25 seconds for processes such as card activations and customer requests for purchase statements, thus improving customer service
  • Raised customer and user satisfaction by accelerating response time for credit and debit card transactions at certified businesses from 600 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds
  • Reduced the number of calls to the call center to confirm sales—a sign of improved service and customer satisfaction
  • Ensured more consistent compliance with its service level agreement, which specifies 96% availability for customers’ web services—such account balance viewing and history, bill payment and card unblocking—as well as purchase and sales transaction systems by using Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Enabled the company to expand its BI reporting and analysis without compromising daily transaction performance
  • Ensured daily financial status and card statement delivery to customers—businesses and corporations who provide the cards to employees—allowing them to make more accurate and timely payroll deductions based on employees’ card usage

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Database Appliance to achieve performance gains. As an integrated and optimized platform, it offers unprecedented speed and performance—allowing us to complete sales transactions 6x faster. In addition, by eliminating processing bottlenecks, we could expand the use of our BI system without compromising the production environment. With Oracle Database Appliance, our daily reports are no longer a cause for concern,” said Sebastião Carlos, IT manager, Brasilcard Administradora de Cartões.

Implementation Process

The implementation process was quick and transparent for Brasilcard’s internal users.

“We completed the migration, including testing, in about 24 hours without disrupting business processes at all,” Carlos said.