BT Consolidates Global Business onto Single Financial Platform and Achieves 99.9% Availability with Hosted Model
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BT Consolidates Global Business onto Single Financial Platform and Achieves 99.9% Availability with Hosted Model

  • Oracle Customer:  BT
    Location:  London, United Kingdom
    Industry:  Communications
    Employees:  92,600
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services, with operations in 170 countries. It provides fixed-line, broadband, mobile, and networked IT services as well as TV products and services.

BT has been a communications service provider for more than 100 years. In recent decades, BT’s IT infrastructure grew significantly to include 17,000 databases and 30,000 servers. Managing an environment of this size and complexity is a significant challenge, and BT needed to streamline, consolidate, and simplify operations to transform its business.

BT initiated a project to migrate its non-U.K. business data from a mixture of disparate spreadsheets, various accounting platforms and software, and legacy Oracle systems onto a single instance of Oracle E-Business Suite. BT selected Oracle On Demand to host its financial modules at Oracle’s Texas data center to meet its goals of streamlined operations and IT management across the global organization. BT has approximately 400 legal reporting entities and, to date, it has migrated 146 of these groups onto the new global financial platform. It eliminated customization while still allowing localization to accommodate a vast number of different legal and statutory requirements.

With a single instance of Oracle Financials hosted by Oracle On Demand, BT reduced costs and gained centralized support, while improving resilience, reliability, visibility, and transparency. The financial consolidation project is a key feature of BT’s global transformation process and is critical to enabling future business growth.




A word from BT

  • “By consolidating many disparate systems and standardizing onto a single financial management platform, hosted by Oracle On Demand, we have greatly improved transparency, efficiency, and control throughout our non-U.K. business operations.” – Mark Wade, Customer Experience Director, Finance, BT ID Customer Experience Team

  • Streamline, consolidate and simplify complex IT infrastructure as part of a wider transformation process to improve efficiency and drive business growth across global communications markets
  • Streamline accounting processes to close month-end books faster, elevate administrative efficiency, and improve reporting accuracy across consolidated accounts
  • Implement procurement best practices for all purchasing across the organization with the help of Oracle Financials, to standardize processes, eliminate localizations, take advantage of global contracts, and achieve best prices on a much larger scale
  • Implement a flexible financial management architecture and cost model that will grow with business requirements as BT expands into new geographical markets and takes new communications services into existing markets


  • Consolidated a range of accounting systems onto a single instance of Oracle E-Business Suite hosted by Oracle On Demand to improve efficiency and availability while streamlining IT infrastructure and management
  • Eliminated customizations within the financial management system while maintaining necessary localizations, greatly reducing complexity while increasing supportability
  • Enabled financial experts to focus on commercially beneficial tasks, such as pricing and bids to help grow and develop the business by delivering a wider range of communications services to global markets, rather than spending time on financial administration tasks
  • Completed implementation of the global finance platform in Latin America, consolidating 46 legal entities across 22 countries including Brazil and Argentina, while creating a centralized shared service center
  • Merged two accounting systems in Latin America, following BT’s acquisition of Latin American communications organization ComSat International
  • Processed thousands of transactions per month with Oracle General Ledger, spanning more than 100 currencies across 146 accounting entities
  • Saved significant time gathering data from countries to produce consolidated accounting reports with all ledgers feeding directly and automatically into one instance of Oracle General Ledger
  • Introduced global process owners for accounting procedures to act as a single point of contact for any queries relating to each accounting process carried out by 11,500 Oracle Financials users across the world
  • Improved business decision-making with greater visibility and transparency of financial information
  • Improved control over procurement processes with Oracle iProcurement, centrally managing suppliers and spend, enabling global control of purchasing, and saving hundreds of thousands of dollars each year by consolidating expenses with vendors and taking advantage of volume discounts
  • Eliminated the need for localized IT support by drawing on a central pool of knowledge at Oracle, reducing maintenance and support costs

Why Oracle

“Business transformation is always a challenge, but with Oracle, we don’t have to worry about the systems themselves,” said Mark Wade, customer experience director, finance, BT ID customer experience team. “Oracle is our preferred partner, and Oracle On Demand offered the perfect solution for us, giving us the flexibility to scale up in the future. We have no worries whatsoever about maintenance, as Oracle On Demand has never let us down; it has always been extremely resilient and reliable.

“Oracle has a can-do attitude and works with us to overcome any problems we may have. When we have a Priority 1 issue logged with Oracle, we can be confident that there is someone working on the problem 24/7, around the globe. Oracle provides assurance and dedication to fix any problems. I cannot say that about other vendors within the industry.”