BT Innovate and Design Improves Speed to Market, Reduces Costs Using Database as a Service
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BT Innovate and Design Improves Speed to Market, Reduces Costs Using Database as a Service

BT Group plc is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services with operations in 170 countries. Its main activities include providing fixed-line services, broadband, mobile, and TV products and services, as well as networked IT services. As part of BT Group plc, BT Innovate and Design combines network and platform development with long-term technology strategy and research.




A word from BT Innovate and Design

  • “With our database-as-a service solution running on Oracle Database and technology, we have consolidated and streamlined our database estate, improving efficiency and reducing cost. We have reduced overall database deployment time by weeks, enabling us to offer improved service to our internal customers.” – David Hickson, Database as a Service Architect, BT Innovate and Design

  • Consolidate a large number of multivendor production databases in operation across the BT Group to speed, streamline, and simplify administration and reduce costs
  • Improve hardware utilization to optimize central processing unit (CPU) and storage usage to boost efficiency and reduce costs for internal communications group customers, such as BT Retail and BT Wholesale
  • Automate provisioning of new databases to simplify and speed delivery to enable internal customers to bring new communications services to market faster


  • Offered internal customers a straightforward catalogue of clearly defined database-as-a-service options, all running on Oracle and ranging from general production to enterprise-critical databases
  • Automated development and deployment of new databases, reducing overall delivery from a number of weeks to just hours—enabling internal customers to respond more quickly to end-customer needs for communications services and to bring new products and services to market much faster
  • Worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Services to ensure best practices and mitigate risk during the database upgrade and consolidation program
  • Avoided spending US$4,810 per database on design and deployment, with more than 300 production databases deployed to date
  • Avoided spending US$9.32 million annually in hardware costs for bespoke servers, with savings expected to increase exponentially as capacity doubles over the next year
  • Improved system availability for internal customers, ensuring consistency by eliminating human error with automated builds