Caja Popular Mexicana Cuts License Management and Reconciliation Time by 70% and Optimizes Software Assets to Support Business Expansion

Caja Popular Mexicana Cuts License Management and Reconciliation Time by 70% and Optimizes Software Assets to Support Business Expansion

Caja Popular Mexicana (CPM), created by the merger of 65 credit unions in 1996, has 430 branches in 22 Mexican states and an expanding network of ATM machines. Membership has grown from 150,000 to 1.7 million in 15 years, due to the popularity of its affordable loans and financial services. CPM is now the largest co-operative in Latin America and one of the 15 leading financial institutions in Mexico.

CPM’s revenue grew 51% in just two years, and its employee base grew 10% in three years, which meant the credit union was exceeding usage of its enterprise license for PeopleSoft Financials and PeopleSoft Human Resources. Tracking usage to ensure compliance was the responsibility of CPM’s central technology team, which carried out twice-annual manual checks. Rapid business growth, senior management changes, continuous rotation of branch-level staff, and the lack of an automated system for licensing control made it difficult for the IT team to reconcile up-to-date usage with license entitlement.

The company knew it was at risk of breaching its contractual obligations. When Oracle License Management Services made a routine call to CPM, 90 days before the contract anniversary data, the company welcomed the opportunity for assistance in identifying and rectifying any license shortfalls. Oracle License Management Services consultants provided spreadsheet-based scripts and intuitive, graphic-based data collection tools, which enabled CPM’s IT team to verify actual usage without diverting resources from day-to-day activities. The entire process was minimally intrusive, involved just two on-site meetings with Oracle License Management Services consultants, and was completed in three weeks, enabling CPM to bring its licensing into compliance.

Before, during, and after the assessment, Oracle License Management Services worked with the IT team to train them in how to maximize their PeopleSoft assets and give them an in-depth understanding of Oracle’s license policies and pricing practices. CPM now uses Oracle License Management Services’ best-practice, tried-and-tested methodologies to track usage on an on-going basis and plan future license purchases cost-effectively, without compromising user or business needs.

The company has significantly reduced the amount of time and effort that it spends on managing its license assets. "It used to take around three months and involve considerable input from the IT team to gather usage metrics for our PeopleSoft assets,” said José Miguel Palomares Mendoza, director of information technology, Caja Popular Mexicana. "We can now complete the process in three weeks, which represents a time savings of 70%, while carrying on with business as usual."

A word from Caja Popular Mexicana

  • "Oracle LMS has enhanced our understanding of Oracle’s licensing and pricing policies, made management of our PeopleSoft licenses simple and transparent, and eliminated risk of noncompliance. " – José Miguel Palomares Mendoza, Director of Information Technology, Caja Popular Mexicana



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