Callis Technologies Optimizes Customers’ Offerings with Real-Time Services Management, Thanks to Scalable Database Platform
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Callis Technologies Optimizes Customers’ Offerings with Real-Time Services Management, Thanks to Scalable Database Platform

Callis Technologies S.A., an Argentine company founded in 2008, specializes in developing products for advanced internet services providers (ISP’s), providing solutions that prevent network congestion and manage WiFi networks and network analytics, among other services. Callis’ solutions enable its clients to generate new business models, improve client experiences, and optimize network operation expenditures. The company works with the most important operators in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Paraguay, with active projects in various Latin American countries, while the company is simultaneously expanding into new regions.

One of Callis’ leading products is Callis Service Manager, a platform that enables ISP’s and other carriers to offer personalized services to their clients, avoid network congestion, manage redirections to portals, and provide detailed information on user behaviors. Callis Service Manager also enables service providers to bring individualized service offerings to market more quickly.




A word from Callis Technologies S.A.

  • MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition database, which we embedded into our Callis Service Manager product has improved our offering and enables us to provide our customers with a higher quality service.” – Ernesto Luppino, Chief Executive Officer, Callis Technologies S.A.

  • Implement a highly available database to support the newest version of Callis Service Manager that provides customers—such as ISP’s and other carriers—with online services and helps manage information about subscribers to deploy better product offerings, based on subscriber behaviors
  • Ensure availability and scalability to manage high volumes of subscriber information—from monitoring networks, to tracking user behavior—to improve the quality of services and grow business


Oracle Product and Services

  • Deployed MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition in the Callis Service Manager platform as a central repository for information pertaining to Callis’ ISP and telecommunications carrier customers—enabling customers to see their own customers’ behavior on the network in real time, improve segmentation, and offer more individualized offerings to each customer
  • Consolidated historical data on network usage, not only to set rates for each individual customer, but also to provide basic input for reporting tools—enabling operators to make informed decisions about new commercial products and strategies for market approaches
  • Used memory, distributed among multiple nodes, to run MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition, which enables Callis Service Manager to increase its capacity for new hardware, meet system requirements, deal with individual server losses without affecting services to ISPs and other carriers, and to achieve greater product scalability
  • Enabled different departments—planning, marketing, engineering, and operations—to export reports into multidimensional cubes, allowing Callis’ customers to use a business intelligence system to extract the most relevant data from consolidated information in the database

Why Oracle

Since releasing the first version of Callis Service Manager in 2008—which ran on an in-house-developed, Linux platform—Callis has used open source systems. In 2012, when launching the latest version of Callis Service Manager for a client, Callis recognized the need to replace its legacy platform with a secure database for better memory scalability, which could be distributed across multiple nodes.

“We chose MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition for its technical advantages, such as the database’s linear scalability,” said Ernesto Luppino, chief executive officer, Callis. “Oracle inspired trust as a partner, and we appreciated the reasonable pricing received for the MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition database that we embedded in our Callis Service Manager product.”

Implementation Process

Callis Technologies implemented MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition in Callis Service Manager in early 2012. The company’s developers, in collaboration with Oracle’s MySQL experts, carried out the implementation. It took about six months and was accomplished within budget.

“We embedded the MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition database into the new version of our Callis Service Manager device, ensuring 99.999% availability and high scalability, at a cost very appropriate for an open source tool. Now, we can provide better service to our customers,” said Luppino.