College of American Pathologists Improves Security, Provides Single Sign On Convenience, and Supports Growth with Robust Identity Management
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College of American Pathologists Improves Security, Provides Single Sign On Convenience, and Supports Growth with Robust Identity Management

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is a medical association serving more than 18,000 physician members and the global laboratory community. It is a leading organization of board-certified pathologists, serving patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide. The organization accredits more than 7,500 laboratories. Approximately 22,000 laboratories are enrolled in CAP’s proficiency testing programs.




A word from College of American Pathologists

  • “As part of our enterprise platform modernization initiative, we look to Oracle first. With Oracle Access and Identity Management Suite, we have world-class solutions that ensure secure access to our internal and external business applications. We can also support our growth initiative, including the launch of an internet store for laboratory supplies and a streamlined laboratory certification program.” – Shannon W. Hoekstra, Senior Manager, Information Systems, College of American Pathologists

  • Build an enterprise security platform that can support growth and expansion in international markets and can scale flexibly to accommodate new applications, medical business cases, and professional society offerings
  • Consolidate identity stores—including identities for 600 employees and 250,000 website users—to reduce IT complexity and annual license and maintenance costs
  • Accelerate and streamline process of provisioning new employees and members on IT systems
  • Automate and centralize application deprovisioning and ensure audit capabilities to improve application security
  • Increase user productivity by reducing multiple access profiles and logins
  • Ensure secure web transfer of digitized microscopic images to support lab accreditation program


  • Used Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite to replace aging, legacy, point solutions and create an enterprise security platform that can support CAP’s growth and expansion in the international market, as well as 600 employees and 250,000 web users
  • Consolidated identity data across the enterprise and created a centralized identity store using Oracle Internet Directory and Oracle Virtual Directory—increasing application administrator productivity and reducing effort required to manage identities
  • Ensured secure, single sign on for access to multiple internal and external applications used at CAP, including Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence Applications, as well as to the company’s website
  • Enabled automated provisioning and deprovisioning that enhanced security and compliance and improved the help desk’s ability to respond to other time-sensitive issues
  • Reduced help desk call volume and improved user convenience by integrating Oracle Identity Management with the CAP portal for self-service user registration and profile management
  • Improved business user productivity while implementing a risk-based authentication system that uses role-based access control to reduce risk and improve security
  • Enable fine-grained, contextual security for new eLABS and Oracle iStore applications by replacing a legacy application with Oracle Entitlement Server
  • Gained the ability to federate identities internally across multiple identity platforms and externally to partners by passing authenticated identity information to a third-party provider to obtain an enriched, single sign-on identity—improving collaboration and making it easier to integrate new applications
  • Provided a secure, single sign-on platform that enabled the CAP to deploy a DigitalScope solution—which sends digitized high quality microscopic images over the internet—to facilitate lab practitioner accreditation
  • Create a scalable and secure online store that allows labs to quickly and conveniently order testing supplies, replacing a paper-based catalog system
  • Eliminated custom coding and allowed the organization to rapidly incorporate new applications into its identity and access management platform, simplifying IT and reducing total cost of ownership
  • Ensured enforcement of a uniform set of identity and access management policies based on healthcare industry standards and CAP internal standards

Why Oracle

The College of American Pathologists has been an Oracle customer for 13 years. As part of its enterprise platform program modernization initiative, it is standardizing on Oracle solutions wherever possible. The philosophy of considering Oracle first applied to the organization’s selection of an identity and access management platform.

“Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite enables us to create a framework that we can reuse easily as we deploy new applications and offerings, streamlining IT management and reducing total cost of ownership of the complete stack, all while ensuring necessary application and data security,” said Shannon W. Hoekstra, senior manager, information systems, College of American Pathologists.

Implementation Process

The multiphase project included building an enterprise identity management platform and support roadmap, consolidating identity data to create a centralized identity store, enabling self-service user registration and profile management, implementing federated identity management and fine-grained portal entitlement, and integrating the system with multiple legacy systems.

The project was very complex and required significant planning and coordination. Working with Applications Software Technology Corp. (AST Corp.), CAP completed the two-year, multiphase project on time and within a fixed budget. It went live in December 2012, with access to the organization’s Oracle E-Business Suite applications. In early 2013, CAP introduced Oracle iStore and later single sign on to the web site, where users can access Oracle iStore.


Working together, CAP and Oracle Platinum Partner AST Corp. created an identity management implementation roadmap that included various system integrations. “Our Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite initiative has been very successful in delivering the key functionality we need to move forward,” Hoekstra said. “The success of this complex project is testament to AST’s technology and project management expertise, as well as the power of our Oracle solutions.”