CapitaLand Standardizes Global Human Resources Processes, Saves US$2.3 Million per Year, and Slashes Data Errors by 70%
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CapitaLand Standardizes Global Human Resources Processes, Saves US$2.3 Million per Year, and Slashes Data Errors by 70%

CapitaLand is one of Asia’s largest real estate companies, with a diversified portfolio of homes, offices, shopping malls, serviced residences, and mixed developments. It also operates one of the largest real estate fund management businesses with assets located in Asia. Established in November 2000 from a merger of two government-owned real estate companies, CapitaLand’s operations span more than 110 cities and 20 countries.

CapitaLand’s complex, global, organizational structure operated on numerous human resources (HR) systems, policies, and procedures across business units, offices, and countries—causing data duplication and time-consuming manual processes for gathering, consolidating, and reporting corporate information.

CapitaLand decided to implement Oracle’s PeopleSoft Human Capital Management solution as the single platform across its HR business processes to provide a global view of its operations and workforce. With the implementation, CapitaLand saved more than US$2 million in work hours per year and US$300,000 in outsourcing costs, cut headcount reporting time from 14 days to 30 minutes, and reduced training approvals from two days to five minutes. It also streamlined its global human resources function, reduced data error by 70%, and eliminated time-consuming manual processes.

Improved Global Workforce Visibility Through Standardization

A word from CapitaLand

  • "CapitaLand chose Oracle’s PeopleSoft for its ability to deliver an international human capital management system that would cross all boundaries and support our business into the future. We reduced the global head-count reporting time from 14 days to 30 minutes and saved US$2.3 million per year in work hours and outsourcing costs." – Steven Tan, Vice President, HR, CapitaLand

CapitaLand used many disparate systems across its global operations to gather and report workforce information. With complicated organizational structures, including joint ventures and managed properties, the company had difficulty gaining timely information about its workforce. Its manual processes for gathering, consolidating, and updating information were time consuming, error prone, and duplicative.

For example, it recorded headcount data on Excel spreadsheets, which changed hands many times before being consolidated at the head office each quarter. The company spent a lot of time verifying accuracy.

“Previously, many business units and offices operated independently with very little process standardization,” said Steven Tan, vice president, HR, CapitaLand. “It was difficult to balance and align local needs with global needs, and data entry duplication was both costly and time-consuming.”

By Implementing the PeopleSoft solution, CapitaLand standardized HR activities and processes across all locations, providing a single view of the company’s workforce on one globally standardized system. Now, one person in each office inputs information into one HR system, and CapitaLand can generate headcount reports in 30 minutes, instead of 14 days. Moving to a single HR platform drastically reduced error rates and reporting times, and enabled staff to focus on value adding activities.

“Having one single source of HR information has reduced work duplication and slashed data error by 70%,” said Tan. “Improved accuracy means our data is more valuable, reliable, and useful for workforce analytics and performance planning.”
“We have global workforce visibility, we know who works for us, how they perform, what training they have received, their aspirations, and their fit for our organization. We have improved our workforce planning and knowledge, as well as our ability to manage staff performance and attract the right talent to our business.”

Saved US$2.3 Million per Year by Eliminating Manual Processes and Outsourcing

Delivered Employee Self Service Platform and Reduced Costs

Enhanced Global Workforce Analytics

Saved 200,000 Sheets of Paper per Year through HR Automation

Provided Single Portal for Global Recruitment, while Streamlining Talent Management




  • Implement a single human capital management solution to standardize HR processes and policies across all real estate business units in more than 20 countries
  • Meet implementation deadline to return outsourced HR services in-house and reduce costs
  • Automate disparate and inefficient manual processes to improve accuracy and timely delivery of corporate reporting
  • Enable visibility of global real estate workforce analytics for strategic planning, benchmarking, employee retention, and turnover analysis


  • Saved US$2 million per year by eliminating 23,000 hours of manual processes for gathering and consolidating data across global real estate business operations
  • Cut US$300,000 per year by returning outsourced HR functions in-house and integrating with the global HR platform
  • Reduced global headcount reporting time from 14 days to 30 minutes and enabled staff to focus on value-added activities
  • Slashed data error by 70% by eliminating manual HR data consolidation and work duplication
  • Decreased training approval time from two days to five minutes by implementing an online employee self service platform 
  • Saved 200,000 sheets of paper annually by replacing manual HR processes with online functionality
  • Cut new hire record maintenance time from one hour to five minutes by using a single HR system and reducing time spent on information gathering
  • Streamlined talent management by using a standard template for compensation reviews, employee performance appraisals, and training plans
  • Reduced training and travel costs by implementing online self service for training and induction programs across Asia’s real estate offices
  • Made it easier for applicants to search for CapitaLand job postings globally through a single job portal

Why Oracle

CapitaLand shortlisted Oracle and one other enterprise system provider for its human capital management project. After a series of presentations and reference checks, CapitaLand decided that Oracle’s PeopleSoft suite was the preferred software for implementation across the company’s global business.

"CapitaLand chose Oracle for its ability to deliver an international human capital management system that would cross all boundaries and take us into the future. Oracle understood our business, the complex real estate markets we operate in, and the challenges we would face with global implementation." – Steven Tan, vice president, HR, CapitaLand.

Implementation Process

CapitaLand began the global implementation of the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management solution in 2008 and managed it through three phases over five years.

Phase 1 began in 2008 and focused on creating a simple system to capture basic employee data to generate a global record of all employee details. PeopleSoft Human Resources went live in January 2009.

Phase 2 implemented all transactional and strategic modules such as leave, payroll, HR, and self service and went live in July 2010. Oracle Consulting managed CapitaLand’s implementation from phase two and engaged an additional Oracle Consulting specialist team for the China implementation.

Beginning in August 2010, Phase 3 entailed implementing all transactional modules across the rest of CapitaLand Asia and initiating the China roll-out.

The global rollout was completed in February 2013 with the solution successfully deployed to all locations and business units.

“Oracle Consulting knew our requirements and understood CapitaLand,” said Tan. “It provided a very experienced team with an outstanding project manager who had experience with successful implementations in China. We had a very good working relationship with Oracle Consulting.”