Cargill Fuels Better Talent Management Decision-Making with Taleo Reporting
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Cargill Fuels Better Talent Management Decision-Making with Taleo Reporting

  • Oracle Customer:  Cargill
    Location:  Minneapolis, MN
    Industry:  Consumer Goods
    Employees:  160,000

Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial, and industrial products and services. Founded in 1865, Cargill became a large, successful, family-owned food  business with roots in the pioneer farmlands of America’s Midwest. This privately held company is headquartered in Minnesota, and employs 160,000 people in 67 countries with 75 businesses organized around five major segments: Agriculture, Food, Financial and Industrial.

Cargill helps customers succeed through collaboration and innovation, and is committed to sharing its global knowledge and experience to help meet economic, environmental, and social challenges. Cargill partners with farmers, food companies, manufacturers, energy producers and financial providers to create solutions that touch people around the world. When it comes to talent management, Cargill strives to be an employer of choice around the globe, excelling at attracting, hiring, retaining and developing staff. A key priority at Cargill is providing a great environment to learn and grow. Cargill employees stay and new candidates are attracted to Cargill for the ample career options available to them. In turn, Cargill places a great emphasis on professional development and managing for high performance.

Automating Recruiting Streamlines the Reporting Process

A word from Cargill

  • “We are totally delighted with the product; new features are being released all the time that we can take advantage of. We had very high expectations for the rollout phase and Taleo worked with us to meet our needs. We look forward to working with them again as new features of the product are rolled out.” Gina Dehmer North American Talent Recruiting Business Analyst and Lead Taleo Administrator Cargill

Because Cargill set such high performance standards for itself as a company and for the candidates it attracts, it needed a recruiting system that could support these values. Prior to implementing Taleo, Cargill was using a different applicant tracking system that wasn’t quite fitting the bill. Because Cargill chose to comply with certain guidelines and policies within its recruiting process, it sought a more robust, automated system. It needed a system that would allow it to be responsive to all applicants on a timely basis throughout the hiring process, to communicate in a straightforward manner, to provide realistic job previews of the position and work environment, and to use standardized correspondences to ensure its messaging and employment brand remain as consistent as possible.

In 2003, Cargill implemented Taleo Enterprise RecruitingTM to replace its outdated system and help automate the recruiting process thus enabling its human resources staff to focus on business critical tasks. During the first year after implementing Taleo, Cargill filled 1,000 professional and campus position in the United States, and over time it has expanded use to include Western Europe, Mexico City, Canada and Singapore. In 2008, it filled 2,900 jobs in the United States and 800 additional jobs around the globe. Because more than 100,000 candidates apply annually, Cargill relies on functionality within Taleo to highlight the best qualified applicants, freeing up recruiters’ time to concentrate on the highest value added activities in the recruiting process.

But, Cargill still had some challenges to overcome, including lack of access to global data. To overcome these challenges, Cargill needed better tools to review outcomes and trends to determine where it was succeeding in its talent acquisition and talent management efforts across the organization. Between requests from the HR department and from a number of other business units within the company, hundreds of nearly identical reports were produced on a regular basis. As a result, Cargill had created over 700 reports; all tracking similar metrics—time to fill, applicant demographics, and recruitment activity. However, each report request asked for different fields to be included or asked that the data be sorted in a different manner from previous requests. Because only one internal Taleo system administrator was responsible for report creation, this administrator was inundated with report requests and was spending too much time customizing nearly identical report requests.

Cargill also needed a streamlined process for building reports so data could be filtered by a variety of parameters. By giving users access to reports pre-run with common date parameters (e.g. quarters, fiscal years, etc.) that they could drill into to view the specifics that were most important and relevant to them, Cargill could significantly cut the number of reports being run. Cargill also began allowing users to run ad-hoc reports whenever they wanted based on unique date parameters they required. Being able to schedule reports based on frequently-requested parameters was also key.

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