CDW Uses Talent Intelligence to Grow the Business
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CDW Uses Talent Intelligence to Grow the Business

  • Oracle Customer:  CDW
    Location:  Vernon Hills, IL
    Industry:  High Technology
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, and education. Ranked number 41 on the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies, CDW has dedicated account managers who help customers choose the right products and services to meet their business needs. “We don’t manufacture or produce anything but drive the implementation and long-term management of very complex business solutions that drive our $7.6B business,” says Dave Klein, Coworker Services Technology Manager at CDW.

It’s the People, Stupid. Without a significant product portfolio to invest their research and development dollars, CDW’s primary investment is in their talent. Top people constitute over 75 percent of
the organization’s cost structure. This ratio means they have little margin for error in their talent decisions.

Building a Strategy Based on Business Priorities

A word from CDW

  • “Taleo demonstrated a superior solution based on the evaluation framework utilized for this project. We believe that Taleo is more likely to provide a solution with minimal disruption to CDW’s ongoing business.” David Klein Coworker Services Technology Manager CDW

Given this environment, CDW embarked on a long term plan to build an end to end talent management strategy focused on the coworker experience—from the very first time on the career site through onboarding, development, succession, and even departure.  They also needed to get more visibility into their talent across the organization using talent intelligence for a more focused approach to retention and mobility.  As a first step, they created work teams tasked with assessing the business processes that would generate the highest impact for the organization. They felt that recruiting, performance, and career development were the highest value processes on which to focus.

A Platform for Unified Talent Management

Business Benefits and Bottom Line Results

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