CDW Empowers Better Customer Sales and Support With Taleo Learn
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CDW Empowers Better Customer Sales and Support With Taleo Learn

  • Oracle Customer:  CDW
    Location:  Vernon Hills, IL
    Industry:  High Technology
    Annual Revenue:  Over $5 Billion

CDW has been a Taleo customer for many years. They have a small, nimble team of astute coworkers managing their Taleo Learn system. But, to prepare the company for accelerated growth, CDW needed to empower the training team to work at a more strategic level. This meant freeing them from manual tasks like mapping coworkers to courses. CDW executive management decided to make greater use of their Taleo Learn platform and employ Taleo Professional Services in effecting a total redesign of the system.

A Taleo Learn Client Strategist worked with CDW to develop goals-oriented design specifications for the features and functionality. At the same time, CDW didn’t want to disrupt existing operations; employees needed to conduct their training even while all the assets were being restructured. This was achieved through careful planning and close coordination between CDW and Taleo during the implementation. Immediately upon launch of the expanded system, CDW realized some of their key objectives. The administrative team is able to devote its time to strategy instead of
manually enrolling users in courses. And they enjoy all new capabilities, like automated mapping of content to users based on their job role, location, and work group as part of an automated development plan. The reporting capabilities also allow more users to get access to the reports they need, including completion of web-based training, instructor-led training, and accreditations.

Since launch, the adoption rate has “skyrocketed,” doubling system traffic. The executive team has noticed, and now counts training as a strategic driving force for growth at CDW. And they realize that they are only scratching the surface of the platform’s capabilities. CDW is already planning to enable more user-generated content—taking advantage of their internal subject matter experts to institutionalize and share their expertise.




A word from CDW

  • “We really leverage the Learn platform to help deliver sales training to help our sales account managers sell and help solve our customers’ problems.” Scott Mueller Senior Organizational Capability Consultant, CDW

  • Inefficient and ineffective deployment of e-learning content
  • Inadequate delivery and recording of training for the sales organization
  • Inability to record and confirm fulfillment of HR requirements for compliance and ethics training


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  • System traffic (usage) doubled immediately upon launch
  • Taleo Learn system has already paid for itself in saved time alone
  • Users praise the ease of use and ability to find necessary content without assistance
  • Executive management is leveraging training as a strategic competitive advantage