Ceona Drives Growth with Sales-Pipeline Visibility, Forecasting, and Customer Management Improvements

Ceona Drives Growth with Sales-Pipeline Visibility, Forecasting, and Customer Management Improvements

Ceona specializes in offshore and deep-water marine construction, and provides offshore mooring and subsea installation, module handling, and logistics services for customers in the oil and gas industry.




A word from Ceona

  • "Oracle CRM on Demand provided us with a global view of our customers and sales pipeline for the first time, delivering more accurate reporting, analysis and forecasting to drive our business growth.” Mark Preece, Executive Vice President Commercial and Business Development, Ceona

  • Improve management of customer prospects for deep sea and offshore construction, mooring, and installation projects in the oil and gas industry across diverse geographic locations, including the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and West Africa
  • Enable linking data across prospects to improve market analysis and business reporting
  • Improve depth and reliability of information to aid business forecasting and to drive growth of oil and gas pipeline construction projects across target areas, including the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea, and West Africa


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Oracle CRM on Demand, Enterprise Edition to deliver a centralized resource for all oil and gas customer and prospect information on a global scale
  • Provided a global view of the sales pipeline for the first time and ranked sales leads to assist decisions on whether or not to respond to requests for tender
  • Monitored expected dates for receiving requests for tender for subsea construction projects to assist with planning and ensure that potential sales opportunities are not missed
  • Improved analysis and produced yearly trend reports to analyze growth per region and sector and to improve business development with more accurate resource targeting
  • Reduced time for data input by 50% and errors by eliminating the process of e-mailing information to a central location before inputting it into the customer database
  • Ensured that no sales opportunities are missed by using a color-coded report to show green if a client has been visited within three months, amber if visited between three-and-six months, and red if the customer has not been visited for six months or more
  • Captured historical customer information in a centralized location for the first time, eliminating the risk of critical customer knowledge being held by individuals
  • Enabled rapid system changes to improve functionality and usability, such as adding tick boxes, amending reports, and changing access rights
  • Worked with BPI on Demand to adopt a subscription model for the first time to benefit from no up-front costs, transparent pricing, and inclusive support

Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle CRM on Demand over alternatives, such as and Microsoft Dynamics, for its functionality and flexibility. In addition, with Oracle Specialized Partner BPI on Demand, we benefit from on-going support at a fixed price,” said Lucy Miller, market analyst, Ceona.


“This is the first time we’ve used a hosted model, and Oracle Specialized Partner BPI on Demand delivers excellent support with no up-front costs and at a fixed price. Oracle CRM on Demand is very flexible, and BPI on Demand always responds promptly to our requests for change,” Miller said.