Champion Building Materials Group Customizes Reports in 10 Minutes, Enables Mobile Analytics, and Increases Sales and Profitability

Champion Building Materials Group Customizes Reports in 10 Minutes, Enables Mobile Analytics, and Increases Sales and Profitability

Founded in Taiwan in 1972, Champion Building Materials Group manufactures and distributes green building products, such as self-cleaning and virus-free tiles to a sales network across five continents.




A word from Champion Building Materials Group

  • “We chose Oracle Business Intelligence Suite, Enterprise Edition over SAP and IBM Cognos because it offers high compatibility and enables rapid deployment, and we saved time and costs. We now create reports daily instead of monthly, produce customized reports in 10 minutes instead of one week, benefit from mobile analytics, and have increased our sales and profitability.” – Guo Qirui, CIO, Champion Building Material Group

  • Improve accuracy and effectiveness of business-critical data analysis, with special emphasis on sales and inventory efficiency to support continuous growth in the Taiwan market and a complex distribution network in China
  • Deepen insight into building-industry market trends and customer demands and enable managers to focus more on analysis and business innovation
  • Increase agility in responding to customer demands to enable growth in market share


  • Reduced time for customized reports, such as inventory cost analysis, from one week to just 10 minutes, by automating data consolidation from multiple sources and improving data accuracy
  • Cut inventory cost by 32% and reduced discontinued stock by 25%, thanks to real-time visibility into tile manufacturing and marketing costs, enabling managers to efficiently identify and promote products that have the highest profitability
  • Increased reporting frequency from monthly to daily with Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, enabling managers to identify significant opportunities, such as promoting self-cleaning and virus-free tiles to quickly growing fast-food chains in China
  • Provided managers with self-service, ad-hoc query and analysis capabilities to enhance decision-making
  • Enabled sales representatives to instantly access, query, and confirm inventory status via smart devices, rather than making phone calls to the office—increasing sales opportunities, thanks to Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile
  • Provided on-demand and accurate enterprise reports in any dimension—such as tile sales by country or by product type—by integrating data seamlessly from various sources
  • Improved sales conversion rate with more accurate data that enables more competitive quotes

Why Oracle

Champion Building Materials Group researched some of the leading business intelligence solutions on the market and determined that Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite was the best fit for its business requirements. It is scalable, easy to use, and provides hundreds of preconfigured and automatically generated report templates for customized reports.

“We considered SAP and IBM Cognos, but found Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite offered high compatibility that enabled us to seamlessly integrate data from different sources. It was, therefore, much easier and quicker to deploy and use. We saved time and human resource costs and eliminated the need for expensive customizations,” said Guo Qirui, CIO, Champion Building Material Group.

Implementation Process

Champion Building Materials Group began to implement Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence Mobile in July 2012. The company engaged Oracle Consulting during the implementation process, as Oracle has extensive experience setting up enterprise applications for large and complex businesses in China and Taiwan. Oracle Consulting helped Champion to seamlessly deploy and gain rapid value from its business intelligence initiative.

The company deployed the solution in approximately half the time estimated—going live in three-and-a-half months instead of six months.