China Southern Power Grid Shortens System Audits by 90%, Prevents Fraudulent Activities with Real-Time Monitoring and Security Alerts
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China Southern Power Grid Shortens System Audits by 90%, Prevents Fraudulent Activities with Real-Time Monitoring and Security Alerts

Established in 2002 with an investment from the State Asset Regulatory Commission of the State Council, Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd. is responsible for investing in, constructing, operating, and managing the power grids in Guangdong, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hainan, and Yunnan. The company also manages power transmission and distribution in the region, and invests, constructs, and operates interregional power transmission, transformation, and networking projects. In addition, it participates in domestic and foreign investment and financing; and undertakes international trade, engineering contracting, and labor sourcing.




A word from China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.

  • “We chose Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall over other products because it offers advanced reporting, warning, and compliance functions. We have reduced system audit time by 90% and prevented fraudulent activities through real-time monitoring and security alerts.” – Chen Rui, Database Administrator, System Maintenance Center, Enterprise Information Department, China Southern Power Grid Co., Ltd.

  • Ensure subsidiaries meet information security requirements mandated by the parent company and the State Asset Regulatory Commission of the State Council, to improve data audit rules, audit reports, and security measures
  • Protect sensitive corporate information, such as human resources, asset sales, and transaction data from unauthorized access, and identify improper user behavior in real time
  • Establish strong security measures for six enterprise-level applications (including power asset management, human resources, and finance) and an enterprise decision-support system
  • Enable comprehensive, real-time monitoring and tracking of database activities to satisfy internal and external audit requirements
  • Implement monitoring to detect and prevent confidential customer and power transmission data being leaked during system tests


Oracle Product and Services

  • Shortened system audits by an average of 90%, satisfying corporate and regulatory mandates to enhance information security across power operations
  • Identified improper user behavior by monitoring the database firewall in real time, which immediately alerts staff of suspicious activities
  • Improved IT’s ability to track, identify, and audit system use
  • Met internal and external audit requirements with reports that detail how the organization has improved data protection and system audits across power operations
  • Monitored access to power subsidiaries’ local databases by formulating audit rules and centralizing audit data management
  • Prevented illegitimate IP addresses and blocked SQL injection attacks from accessing core databases containing critical, power-utility information
  • Stopped sensitive data, such as power asset information, from being leaked—even during system testing—by comprehensively monitoring users’ access at the network level

Why Oracle

China Southern Power Grid selected Oracle over other vendors, based on Oracle’s solid track record in database security solutions.

“As the world’s largest database solution supplier, Oracle has many years of technical expertise in data security,” said Chen Rui, database administrator, system maintenance center, enterprise information department, China Southern Power Grid. “Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall provides important reporting, warning, and compliance functions. It also has advanced, nonintrusive, ‘sniffer’ technology that enables rapid deployment without affecting production system architecture and database performance.

“The product constitutes a comprehensive solution for database audit and activity monitoring, which has enabled us to quickly identify, analyze, and monitor security flaws in key database transactions, such as the leakage of sensitive data and entry of malicious SQL script that may affect the database’s operation,” he added.

Implementation Process

Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall was deployed in August 2011 in China Southern Power Grid’s subsidiaries to monitor and audit the database activities of core business systems. The product was implemented within three weeks.


Oracle Specialized Partner Guangzhou Hua Pu Information Technology Co., Ltd. helped China Southern Power Grid build the data security platform based on Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall. During the project design phase, Guangzhou Hua Pu developed detailed design specifications, technical and work reports, and implementation plans.

During the implementation phase, Guangzhou Hua Pu installed the data security platform and provided China Southern Power Grid with installation and test reports, as well as operating instructions. During the project’s latter stages, Guangzhou Hua Pu developed the strategy update configuration file and the project’s summary report.  

“Guangzhou Hua Pu is an important system integrator for China Southern Power Grid and has undertaken the informatization [information and communications systems development in different regions], for construction projects of several systems and platforms,” said Chen. “Throughout this project, Guangzhou Hua Pu displayed professionalism, focus, and dedication. The company has introduced us to industrial-strength data security products and provided quality services.”