China Telecom Xinjiang Branch Slashes Data Processing Time by 94%; Achieves Near-Real-time Analysis with 500% Improvement in System Performance
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China Telecom Xinjiang Branch Slashes Data Processing Time by 94%; Achieves Near-Real-time Analysis with 500% Improvement in System Performance

China Telecom Corp. Ltd. Xinjiang Branch (China Telecom Xinjiang Branch) is a branch of China Telecom located in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, supervising 16 China Telecom subsidiaries at regional, prefecture, and city levels; two specialized subsidiaries; six directly-affiliated units, and 88 county subsidiaries.

China Telecom is the world’s largest code division multiple access mobile phone operator and provider of wireline telecommunications and broadband internet and information services, providing local wireline access to 163 million users, cable broadband to more than 90 million users, and mobile phone services to 161 million users. In 2012, China Telecom had about 305,000 employees and operating revenue of approximately US$44.74 billion.




A word from China Telecom Corp. Ltd. Xinjiang Branch

  • “We chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine over other IT platforms because it offered faster data processing capacity, allowed for low-cost expansion and had remarkable advantages in deployment speed, management and maintenance, power consumption, and floor space. We have improved overall system performance by 5x.” – Shan Guofeng, Director of Maintenance, Center of Enterprise Information Department, China Telecom Corp. Ltd. Xinjiang Branch

  • Improve the data processing capacity of the operational data store (ODS) system that integrates data from various telecommunication applications, such as business support, billing, and CRM systems
  • Enable enterprisewide service delivery analysis against key performance indices, such as subscriber numbers and revenue, and generate reports for each business line, such as fixed phone or GSM mobile networks
  • Reverse the deceleration in collecting and processing data from all telecom application systems, such as billing and customer relationship management systems, attributable to system capacity saturation and the I/O performance bottleneck
  • Establish a cost-effective and scalable IT architecture for future expansion in line with rapidly changing business requirements


Oracle Product and Services

  • Accelerated by 37x SQL SELECT queries for the ODS system, enabling uninterrupted real-time data service to the local network, which had previously been closed during the monthly, eight-day accounting period due to performance limitations
  • Reduced by 94% the processing time of daily SQL statement tasks, integral to report generation —from three hours 44 minutes to 13 minutes, enabling completion within business hours and reducing the cost of overtime work
  • Improved overall data processing performance of the ODS system by 5x and enabled near-real-time analysis of telecommunications service delivery in a live production environment
  • Facilitated better business decisions by enabling efficient report production for revenue analysis by market segment (fixed, mobile, or broadband) as well as for mobile dealers’ or telecommunications agents’ performance rankings
  • Provided a stable and flexible ODS system architecture capable of low-cost and seamless expansion to meet rapidly evolving online inquiry, analysis, and reporting demands
  • Improved customer service by enhancing visibility of enterprisewide data in the ODS system through Exadata’s dynamic functionalities for multiple systems integration and resource sharing

Why Oracle

China Telecom Xinjiang Branch was determined to resolve problems associated with complex data processing and consolidation, including saturation of its ODS system’s capacity and corresponding decline in performance. A fast, sophisticated, and reliable ODS system was critical in supporting strategic and informed business decision-making.

After conducting a thorough evaluation and comparison of available IT platforms, China Telecom Xinjiang Branch chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine because it offered impressive advantages over the solutions offered by other vendors in performance, deployment speed, ongoing management and maintenance, power consumption, and space requirements.

“Oracle Exadata has effectively solved the performance bottleneck inherent in our ODS system. It has increased overall data processing capacity by 5x, radically solved the deceleration in data collection and processing caused by system capacity saturation, and provided a high-performance, highly scalable, and low-cost technical architecture to support future development,” said Shan Guofeng, director of maintenance, Center of Enterprise Information Department, China Telecom Corp. Ltd. Xinjiang Branch.

Implementation Process

In February 2011, with the help of Oracle partner Beijing HT Horizon Service Co. Ltd. (Beijing HT Horizon), China Telecom Xinjiang Branch began to use a 1/4 rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine to replace an HP rp 7640 server and EMC DMX3 storage system. In June 2011, China Telecom Xinjiang Branch completed the hardware and software installation, application deployment, data transfer, and performance testing, and it put the system into production.


China Telecom Xinjiang Branch worked closely with Beijing HT Horizon in implementing the hardware upgrade to the ODS data sharing platform and optimizing the enterprise data architecture. Beijing HT Horizon supplied and installed the hardware and software, coordinated related resources, and undertook testing and debugging prior to final deployment.

“In 2011 China Telecom Xinjiang Branch awarded Beijing HT Horizon the title of Excellent Supplier to recognize its consistent delivery of professional, high-quality services. Beijing HT Horizon has demonstrated its commitment by finding a practical solution to the data processing and consolidation issues that have puzzled China Telecom Xinjiang Branch for some years,” said Guofeng.