Cintra Resolves Complex License Query Within 24 Hours, Avoids Delay in Customer Implementation
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Cintra Resolves Complex License Query Within 24 Hours, Avoids Delay in Customer Implementation

  • Oracle Customer:  Cintra
    Location:  New York, New York
    Industry:  High Technology
    Employees:  80
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Cintra, an Oracle Platinum Partner, helps organizations navigate the strategic, technological, and tactical complexities of database management. The company’s infrastructure services, proven blueprints, and best-practice processes help customers in all industry sectors reduce risk and accelerate time to market.

Cintra used Oracle License Management Services’ channel advisory services to help it resolve a query from Oracle’s global pricing and licensing team as to whether a customer required hosting licenses or simply a standard full-use license. The application that Cintra had submitted suggested the customer might be using Oracle Database to provide a proprietary hosted solution accessible by external end users rather than just its own employees. The customer was eager to complete the license purchase within a few days and had a prenegotiated price with Oracle. Any delay to license approval risked impacting its ability to roll out a business-critical solution on time. It also had the potential to damage Cintra’s credibility and the customer’s relationship with Oracle.

Oracle License Management Services examined the executive summary that Cintra had provided in support of the customer’s license application. After working with Oracle’s channel sales team and Cintra to understand the application architecture, Oracle License Management Services confirmed that ambiguous wording had led to the misunderstanding and confirmed that the customer required only standard full-use licenses. It resolved the issue in 24 hours, and the sale proceeded on schedule without the customer being aware of any potential problems surrounding licensing.

A word from Cintra

  • "Oracle License Management Services enabled us to resolve a complex, urgent license inquiry in 24 hours via a single point of contact." – Seth Feeley, Vice President Sales, United States Office, Cintra



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Cintra requested assistance from the Oracle License Management Services channel team to resolve the license query as rapidly as possible and minimize the risk of delaying the customer’s implementation. Without channel team resources, Cintra would have had to call multiple Oracle contacts, which takes time and diverts attention from core sales activities. It also would have disrupted sales operations and delayed the purchase.

"Oracle License Management Services saved us a huge amount of time and preserved the integrity of our relationship with the customer," said Seth Feeley, vice president sales, United States Office, Cintra. "It provides an invaluable source of impartial expertise that helps both partners and Oracle expand their footprint in an organization."