Cipatex Group Saves Up to US$150,000 with E-learning and Collaboration Tool That Enchances Training Methodology
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Cipatex Group Saves Up to US$150,000 with E-learning and Collaboration Tool That Enchances Training Methodology

For 48 years, Cipatex Group (Grupo Cipatex) is a leader in manufacturing synthetic laminates―offering reliable and innovative solutions. The company seeks to maintain its leadership position while being socially and environmentally responsible. It has diversified over the decades and, today, provides products that are used in apparel, footwear, and fashion accessories; construction materials; furniture manufacturing; swimming pools; housewares; mining operations; agribusiness; automotive manufacturing; visual communications products; and more.

Cipatex Group has grown significantly over the last 20 years, doubling production, increasing sales, and incorporating new business units. During this time, the group acquired a petrochemical company and forged a strategic alliance with the DuPont brand.

Cipatex Group reached a point where its legacy IT infrastructure could no longer support the growing company. Working with Oracle and its Oracle partner—Maxxicon Consultoria e Sistemas—the organization charted a course for organizational and technological evolution.

Cipatex Group deployed Oracle E-Business Suite User Productivity Kit to train the company’s sales representatives at its units in Brazil’s northeast region—the states of São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul—without the expense and time commitment involved in transporting employees to in-person training facilities. The company saved up to US$150,000 in travel and materials.

With Oracle E-Business Suite User Productivity Kit, the group has an interactive e-learning tool that makes support materials widely available and readily accessible to facilitate information sharing. It also standardizes and ensures continual knowledge transfer. 

In addition, the product enables content creation and allows Cipatex Group to make materials available to its technical teams and to end users at all organizational levels. The tool allows the manufacturer to conduct post-training tests, which further ensures trainees’ understanding of the training content, enabling test-givers to more accurately measure user satisfaction, and improving knowledge assimilation levels among the participants.

A word from Grupo Cipatex

  • “All company departments now use Oracle E-Business Suite User Productivity Kit to train employees and representatives, which helps them to get the most of each new technology tool available to them, optimizing our technology. We are very satisfied.” – Wanderlei Grando, IT Manager, Cipatex Group



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“Oracle E-Business Suite User Productivity Kit allowed us to reduce training costs through e-learning. It has also become our main tool for documenting and retaining company knowledge,” said Wanderlei Grando, IT manager, Cipatex Group.


“Maxxicon has been our service provider since its creation and, to this day, has been a great partner for all deployed Oracle products, working with great professionalism and credibility. Maxxicon has been instrumental in helping us to get the most out of our Oracle investment, enabling us to achieve solid business value,” Grandosaid.