Cipatex Group Consolidates Monthly Financials 17 Days Faster and Improves Inventory Control to Support Growth

Cipatex Group Consolidates Monthly Financials 17 Days Faster and Improves Inventory Control to Support Growth

Cipatex Group (Grupo Cipatex) is a leader in synthetic-laminate manufacturing, providing the market with reliable and innovative solutions with a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. Since its creation in 1964, the company has diversified and now has product lines across many industries, including retail goods, construction, mining, agriculture, automotive, sports, leisure, school supplies, and visual communications.

Cipatex Group had a high growth rate over the last 20 years, increasing sales, doubling production, and incorporating new business units through the acquisition of a petrochemical company and an alliance with the DuPont brand. However, the company’s in-house IT system could not support this expansion, so it selected Oracle and Oracle partner Maxxcon Consultoria e Sistemas to chart a path of organizational and technological evolution.

Cipatex Group eliminated service interruptions by deploying Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition 11g. It then implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne management software and reduced monthly financial closing times from 25 days to 8 days and lowered raw-material and supply inventories, thanks to the solution’s real-time inventory management functionality. Cipatex Group recently upgraded to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0, to achieve a 99.8% service availability level, yielding positive results, as all business information originates in this system and other applications depend on its performance.




A word from Grupo Cipatex

  • “Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne provides everything we need for continued success in our industry by helping us to speed up factory orders and improve customer satisfaction.” – Wanderlei Grando, IT Manager, Cipatex Group

  • Automate manufacturing business-sector operations—which had previously operated separately from the rest of the organization—to eliminate manual entry and limit information loss
  • Accelerate financial closings, which took approximately 25 days, to improve senior management decision-making
  • Enhance factory-floor inventory control to eliminate inconsistencies, reduce account closing times and factory order delays, and improve customer retention and satisfaction


  • Implemented Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and increased enterprise resource planning (ERP) service availability for 800 internal users from 93% to 99.8%, which was a greatly positive outcome for organization, since all business information originates on this system and other applications depend on its performance
  • Reduced monthly financial closings from 25 to 8 days due to the greater availability of financial information, improving the decision-making process,
  • Ensured a high process-adherence level (95%) for the organization’s financial, manufacturing and distribution processes
  • Optimized end-to-end billing process—from inventory release to shipping—leading to reductions in product delivery times
  • Improved finished-product and raw-material inventory control by enhancing the purchasing process and avoiding oversized orders with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne real-time product views and other system features that allow planners to access and analyze up-to-date information to make better decisions, including information about sales and real-time inventory reports and alerts
  • Enhanced marketing and manufacturing strategies through management indicator analysis and sales history control, enabling a 360-degree view of commercial trends—information that had not been consolidated before the implementation of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
  • Improved customer relationships by exchanging order and delivery information automatically and in real time through the company’s Web portal, with JD Edwards, guaranteeing that information delivered reflects the latest updates

Why Oracle

“Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is the major application among all of the systems at Cipatex. All business data originates within this application, and we’ve found a high level of satisfaction among internal users. Therefore, when we decided upgrade there was no need to evaluate other suppliers,” said Wanderlei Grando, IT manager, Cipatex Group.

Implementation Process

“The upgrade to version 9.0 of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne was a three-month project that involved all of the company’s branches. We carried out the final go-live phase in just three days with no negative impact on the organization or factory stoppages. All of the upgrade routines worked properly and were successful,” Grando said.


“Maxxicon Consultoria e Sistemas was a very important piece in this process as it worked with us as members of the same team, aiming to achieve perfect conditions, so the project could be concluded within the proper time, cost, and scope. It has worked with us for a long time and, to this day, has been a great partner regarding all of the Oracle products we have implemented, working with great professionalism and credibility,” Grando said.