cloudKleyer Frankfurt Establishes Position as a Leading Cloud Provider for Midsize Companies Through High-Performance Data Center

cloudKleyer Frankfurt Establishes Position as a Leading Cloud Provider for Midsize Companies Through High-Performance Data Center

cloudKleyer is one of Germany’s prime global addresses in the telecommunications sector, where it has Frankfurt on the Main’s only data center with a double power supply. The company provides highly available and fully customizable cloud and IT network solutions—such as colocation services, project planning, and support—through its transparent infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solution.




A word from cloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH

  • “We rely on Oracle technology to create an extremely scalable cloud infrastructure for enterprise-class applications and ensure the flexibility we need to offer a multitenant architecture to our customers who are looking for a certified, highly available, and customizable infrastructure as a service solution. Our sophisticated data center infrastructure helped us to quickly gain a leadership position when we entered the German market in early 2013.” – Jan Weller, Managing Director, cloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH

  • Develop a highly available, secure IaaS offering and colocation services that combine physical and virtual servers in a hybrid architecture—enabling midsize companies to host their critical, enterprise-class, telecommunication infrastructure and applications
  • Implement reliable, flexible, highly-available, and cost-effective cloud services and IT infrastructures that are independent from network infrastructures and offer high-configuration capabilities
  • Deploy a state-of-the-art IaaS architecture that allows the company’s target customers—midsize companies—to use enterprise-class IT infrastructures and applications without major investment
  • Minimize administrative efforts and eliminate unscheduled system downtime for the company’s IaaS data center


  • Developed a highly available and reliable IaaS data center, based on Oracle VM, Oracle VM Manager, and Oracle’s Sun Server X3-2, providing midsize companies with a first-class cloud infrastructure that is customizable to their business needs
  • Built a cloud architecture based on Oracle technology that allows customers to connect their own servers with cloudKleyer’s virtual servers in a closed environment, using the same IP addresses—providing outstanding data security and server configuration flexibility
  • Provided the highest storage efficiency for Oracle’s virtualized server infrastructures with Pillar Axiom 600, designed for consolidated storage environments that host business-critical communications applications, gaining the ability to offer affordable, easy-to-manage IT infrastructure storage to midsize customers
  • Deployed Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c as a single management tool for cloudKleyer’s virtualized infrastructure, providing customers with self-service capabilities to immediately determine and update server roles and resource distribution
  • Minimized administration efforts with Oracle VM Manager, which reduced total cost of hardware ownership by up to 40%
  • Collaborated with Oracle Consulting Services to develop a future-proof IaaS concept that offers the stability, availability, and high performance that clients require while offering an attractive price point for midsize companies
  • Engaged Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services to gain 24/7 access to knowledgeable support specialists who cover Oracle’s entire hardware and software stack—using a single online interface for all support interactions

Why Oracle

“After analyzing several vendors, we chose the high stability and performance of Oracle technology over competitors, such as IBM. Our IaaS solution is based on perfectly integrated Oracle software and hardware, allowing customers to connect their physical servers to virtual servers in a closed, highly secure environment. It was the best solution for cloudKleyer and the only one of its kind. Midsize companies can now enjoy enterprise-class IT architecture without major investments,” said Igor Davidoff, technical architect, cloudKleyer Frankfurt GmbH.


circular Informationssysteme GmbH is an Oracle Partner with a broad portfolio and extensive expertise in IT solutions—including servers, data centers, security, networks, and IT management. In the early stages of the project, cloudKleyer worked with circular Informationssysteme to source the Oracle hardware and ensure its seamless deployment.