CNAV Ensures High Availability and Performance for Online Portal and Retirement Tools, Improves Technical Issue Resolution Time by 500%
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CNAV Ensures High Availability and Performance for Online Portal and Retirement Tools, Improves Technical Issue Resolution Time by 500%

CaisseNationaled’AssuranceVieillesse (CNAV) is a French public organization responsible for managing the public pension system for all French citizens. The organization works with 16 regional banks to track pension contributions from17 million public and private companies, and to calculate and distribute pension payments to more than 13 million retirees. CNAV was one of the first customers to deploy Oracle WebCenter Portal technology eight years ago, with Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server, and it later deployed Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle WebCenter Sites.

The organization wanted to ensure its millions of customers and partners could access tools and resources around the clock by enhancing its ability to quickly resolve any technical issues. To meet this goal, as well as to better benefit from its existing Oracle solutions, CNAV entered into a comprehensive agreement with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services across its Oracle Database, as well as its pension management tool (OutilRetraite), customer relationship management software, and social security applications, to improve its customer experience and Web portal availability for retirees, contributors, and partners.




A word from Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse (CNAV)

  • “Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services gives us an unparalleled level of trust in our range of Oracle solutions. Its depth of knowledge enabled us to customize our technology environment to best support our business requirements, and its expertise allows us to maintain the high-availability we need, even when issues arise.”–Noël Breton, Head, Architecture Department, Caisse Nationale d’Assurance Vieillesse

  • Ensure core business application performance and availability—including the retirement management tool OutilRetraite, customer relationship management applications, and the retirement insurance Web portals—for 20,000 agents, social security partners, 17 million contributors, and 13 million retirees
  • Anticipate performance issues and proactively resolve them for the organization’s Web portals to support social security
  • Accelerate resolution of performance or availability issues for all business-critical retirement, insurance, and social data applications
  • Gain access to a skilled team of back-end IT resources that support a critical retirement tool


  • Implemented an Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services agreement to provide customized support and expertise to the computer production centers that house Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Access Manager, and Oracle WebCenter Sites, enabling proactive correction of technical issues in core business applications, including OutilRetraite and four Web portals for partners and pension contributors
  • Improved performance and availability of the social security organization’s human resources, social data management, and social action management applications
  • Provided custom training to quickly boost skills in the Oracle technologies used at IT production centers and maintain skills for new versions and features
  • Improved resolution times by 300% for issues, such as response time or data corruption problems for the databases used by the mission-critical retirement tracking tool OutilRetraite, thanks to the support of the Oracle Advanced Customer Support expert
  • Achieved 500% faster resolution times for complex problems related to portals, directly contributing to the high availability of CNAV’s Web portals and its image among contributors and pensioners
  • Optimized query performance for 20 regional retirement databases, which house 6 terabytes of data covering 13 million retirees, with the guidance of Oracle Advanced Customer Support
  • Guaranteed retirement database reliability and availability for the pension payment distribution process, thanks to Oracle’s support
  • Enabled a thousand retiree advisors across 307 locations to provide quality support for contributors by guaranteeing high availability for the CRM application through Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services
  • Accelerated migrations to new technology versions by identifying the patches that provide the greatest benefit to the organization