Colliers International Uses Best Practices for Hiring, Worldwide—Expands Visibility into Global Talent Pool
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Colliers International Uses Best Practices for Hiring, Worldwide—Expands Visibility into Global Talent Pool

Colliers International is a leading global player in commercial real estate services and the fastest growing commercial real estate firm in the world. The company offers comprehensive services to investors, property owners, tenants, and developers via a global network of nearly 500 offices in 62 countries, managing more than 1-billion square feet of building space. Colliers, a subsidiary of FirstService Corporation, is known for innovation in the industry, from the markets it enters, to the technology it implements, to the people it hires.  




A word from Colliers International

  • “Oracle TBE Recruiting Premium Cloud Service is helping us to more effectively identify and recruit the world’s top professionals, standardize processes, and share best practices across our global network of almost 500 offices.” – Kristin Brunner, Global People Services Manager, Colliers International

  • Standardize recruiting processes for real estate and other professionals across a network of approximately 500 autonomous offices in 62 countries
  • Enable the organization to effectively and efficiently identify and recruit top talent
  • Optimize ability to leverage talent and prospective candidates worldwide as the commercial real estate business becomes increasingly global
  • Increase visibility into the candidate pipeline and gain the ability to track and report on recruiting processes to assess performance and drive continuous improvement


Oracle Product and Services

  • Implemented Oracle TBE Recruiting Premium Cloud Service and created a single, global repository for all commercial real estate job candidates that extends visibility across the global organization and standardizes recruiting
  • Accelerated time to hire, thanks to automated employment-screening processes and self-service capabilities for candidates
  • Improved ability to leverage social media channels, including LinkedIn, to recruit the best real estate professionals for available positions
  • Enabled Colliers to post international positions in local markets to reach students, ex-patriots and other professionals who might be living abroad, planning to return to their home country, or looking for an opportunity in a different country—extending access to potential candidates
  • Allowed human resources professionals across the company, worldwide, to collaborate and share recruiting and hiring best practices
  • Enabled recruiters to be more productive when sourcing, identifying, and screening viable candidates, thanks to the flexible and user-friendly tool
  • Expanded insight into each candidate’s history with the organization, allowing recruiters to see what other positions a candidate had applied and interviewed for and how he or she performed through the recruiting process
  • Gained a viable technology solution and the ability to effectively deploy and manage it across a large network with a limited IT team
  • Increased ability to analyze and report on recruitment activities to drive improved processes

Why Oracle

Colliers International considered many solutions prior to selecting Taleo, but based its decision on the solution’s reputation in the industry, ease of use, and robust functionality. Oracle Taleo’s cloud-based model ensured scalability, rapid deployment, and streamlined IT management. “We are even more confident in the solution now that it is backed by industry-leader Oracle,” said Kristin Brunner, global people services manager, Colliers International.

Implementation Process

Colliers rolled out Oracle TBE Recruiting Premium Cloud Service in mid-2011, starting in the United States, and has continued to expand its use of the solution across its global offices.