Condor Super Center Accelerates Data Transmission to Brazil’s Public Digital Bookkeeping System, Gains High Availability and Business Continuity

Condor Super Center Accelerates Data Transmission to Brazil’s Public Digital Bookkeeping System, Gains High Availability and Business Continuity

  • Oracle Customer:  Condor Super Center
    Location:  Paraná, Brazil
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  10,000
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

With its 39-year history in the State of Paraná, more than 10,000 employees, and 36 stores in 14 cities, Condor Super Center is the seventh-largest supermarket chain in Brazil, according to the Brazilian Supermarket Association.

The supermarket and hypermarket chain sells more than 40,000 items and services to approximately 3 million clients per month. It won, for six consecutive years, the Ímpar Awards from RIC-TV (a Parana State TV broadcast company) and was honored by Ibope Intelligence (the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics), which named it as the preferred supermarket in Paraná.




A word from Condor Super Center

  • "We are very pleased with the storage capacity of Oracle Database and its high level of availability, which is crucial to the continuity for operations that run 24/7, 365 days a year. With it, we accelerated critical processes, such as data transmission to the Sistema Publico de escrituracao Digital (Brazil’s public digital bookkeeping system), which is now accomplished in less than half the time" – Vladimir Torres Manriquez, IT Director, Condor Super Center Ltda.

  • Upgrade the supermarket chain’s data infrastructure to support a growing volume of data from points of sale and 36 stores that operate round the clock, 365 days a year
  • Ensure database high performance, availability, and security with rapid access to business applications


  • Deployed Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters, and improved performance and availability of the company’s enterprise resource planning applications, providing fast and reliable access to invoice records, client purchasing history, statistics, product and price management, and fiscal management modules
  • Increased product-sales statistics allowing the supermarket chain to gather more historical sales data—essential for making business projections studying consumer purchase behavior, for more strategic decision-making—as the previous database was unable to extract previous years’ records
  • Improved storage speed with Oracle Partitioning, an option for Oracle Database, rendering the database more agile and speeding access to stored data, simplifying historical data analysis
  • Made data queries faster and automated with the materialized view function of Oracle Database, improving back-office performance, such as for statistical sales analysis
  • Compiled and sent accounting and invoice data to the Brazilian tax agency’s public digital bookkeeping system in only 7 hours, 17 hours faster due Oracle Database’s optimized SQL queries
  • Enabled the company to scale by adding more servers without the need to reconfigure the database
  • Improved IT team productivity with Oracle Database’s automatic performance diagnostics, freeing technicians to work on other tasks
  • Enhanced database performance with Oracle Tuning Pack, which helps the IT team to rapidly identify and correct bottlenecks

Why Oracle

"After testing IBM DB2, we chose Oracle Database because it is reliable and robust. We were confident that we could install it without rewriting our applications, allowing us to preserve our IT investment," said Vladimir Torres Manriquez, IT director, Condor Super Center.

Implementation Process

"We conducted our Oracle Database migration in stages to ensure business continuity. We were able to complete the project smoothly and without disruption to internal users. In addition, by using Oracle Tuning Pack, we shortened system response times and expanded the business with the same infrastructure," Manriquez said.


"Oracle Platinum Partner IT7 Sistemas supported the Oracle Database migration project from the onset. We were very pleased throughout deployment because IT7 Sistemas’ professionals understood our business demands as well as the Oracle solutions we’d acquired,” Manriquez said.