Consis International Reduces Infrastructure Costs Using Optimized Technology Platform, Extends Savings to Insurance Industry Customers
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Consis International Reduces Infrastructure Costs Using Optimized Technology Platform, Extends Savings to Insurance Industry Customers

Consis International LC develops software for the insurance market. Since its founding in 1987, Consis has developed products such as ACSEL/X, Acsel/e, iFlex-pro, and Acsel Mobile, which include functionalities for quotations, policy administration, claims administration, collections, sales channels, service channels, coinsurance, reinsurance, and accounting, creating a technology architecture for comprehensive management of the insurance business at corporate and broker levels. The company originated in Venezuela and has offices in Florida, where it is now headquartered, as a base for expansion to México, the Southern Cone region of South America, and Europe. Customers who have installed its software, include major global financial groups in Latin America, the United States, Spain, and other European countries.

To develop its applications, Consis uses Oracle solutions, such as Oracle WebLogic Server; Oracle Application Express; and Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition. Insurers require high performing and scalable solutions to help them manage and make the most of their rapidly growing data stores―which contain information regarding policies, policy holders, insured risks, claims, and more. To enable its solutions and keep up with growing customer demand, Consis has deployed and began operating its insurance software offerings on Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic. With Oracle’s engineered systems, the company has reduced its total cost of ownership, which it can pass on to customers, in addition to improved application performance. Consis can now process data more quickly and at a lower cost, an important competitive advantage that has helped it win new business.

A word from Consis International LC

  • “Being able to offer Oracle Exalogic and Oracle Exadata Database Machine to our customers though the cloud lowers our costs and helps to keep our insurance software offerings competitive. We can deliver higher performance and system reliability because our solutions run on Oracle’s robust and reliable platform.” ‒ Michael Cerra, Chief Technology Officer, Consis International



Why Oracle

“We chose Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic, running in the cloud, to keep ahead in the highly competitive insurance industry software sector with more attractive prices and a platform that’s always up to date,” said Michael Cerra, chief technology officer, Consis International.

“We could run our applications on other databases and other application servers, but we chose Oracle for its robust and scalable products. Oracle is always the best choice.” Cerra said.