Coupang Delivers 24-Hour Online Shopping Convenience, Increases Customer Satisfaction, and Reduces Maintenance Costs

Coupang Delivers 24-Hour Online Shopping Convenience, Increases Customer Satisfaction, and Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Oracle Customer:  Coupang
    Location:  Seoul, Korea
    Industry:  Retail
    Employees:  1,130
    Annual Revenue:  $1 to $5 Billion

Coupang is one of Korea’s leading e-commerce companies. The company started out selling discounted services, such as restaurant vouchers and spa treatments, and later expanded to offering travel packages, fresh food, and diverse merchandise, such as high-end electronics, used cars, and fashion items. Founded in 2010, Coupang has grown rapidly and now attracts more than 12 million shoppers to its online marketplace each month. It launched its iPhone and Android apps in 2011, and the mobile channel now accounts for more than half the company’s revenue and 70% of its web traffic. Coupang prides itself on strong customer care and its speedy service, including free two-day delivery and a customer service center open every day of the year. The company is included in Business Insider’s 2012 top-100 list of the world’s most valuable private technology companies.




A word from Coupang

  • “MySQL Enterprise Edition has helped us boost customer satisfaction to new levels. We now have a highly available and stable system with no downtime and easy monitoring, enabling us to accommodate massive website traffic and offer a 24/7 online shopping service that customers can trust.” – Dong-Hui Chon, Deputy General Manager, Data Intelligence Lab, Coupang

  • Ensure high availability for the business-critical online ordering application to minimize scheduled system downtime for monthly database checks and updates and to guarantee 24/7 online shopping service for increased customer confidence
  • Enable efficient and stable data backups and monitor potential problems in real time, such as queries and replication delays, to ensure system reliability and reduce maintenance costs
  • Allow IT staff to freely make changes to the database and update the application without system downtime, improving IT team productivity
  • Meet performance and scalability requirements to support a massive increase in data traffic on the online shopping network


  • Increased customer satisfaction and online sales by ensuring high levels of database availability to support the 24/7 online shopping service by using MySQL’s automatic fail-over when the master server goes offline due to error or monthly system checks
  • Raised customer confidence in accuracy of online prices for goods and services through use of the MySQL replication function to automatically detect and monitor data replication between the master and slave servers, streamlining data management
  • Reduced maintenance costs by gaining real-time visibility into system performance and potential issues with MySQL’s performance schema, ensuring continuous uptime for the e-commerce site
  • Enabled DBAs to make structural changes to database tables and update the e-commerce application without online shopping service downtime, thanks to MySQL Enterprise Edition’s schema changes function—reducing complexity and increasing work efficiency
  • Ensured data security and system reliability using the MySQL point-in-time recovery method to restore data from a specific point—the moment an error occurs—and allow backups to a separate location
  • Supported massive data growth by using MySQL Enterprise Edition’s scale-out architecture to divide large data volumes for e-commerce sales by tasks, eliminating the risk of data interference and meeting sales system performance and scalability requirements
  • Maximized the return on the IT investment by gaining access to MySQL experts and 24/7 support service through Oracle Premier Support for Software for system failures, patches, and updates
  • Built a foundation to leverage the multisource replication function for a future upgrade to MySQL Enterprise Edition 5.7 to further enhance the payroll system for staff and contractors and to reduce the total cost of ownership

Why Oracle

Coupang chose MySQL Enterprise Edition over other open-source databases because of its superior monitoring and backup functionalities that ensure high availability for its online ordering application and enable DBAs to make changes to the database without system downtime.

“MySQL Enterprise Edition enabled us to integrate database monitoring and backups into one system, and offers us endless configuration possibilities, such as two master servers and two slave servers to run our business-critical, online-ordering application,” said Dong-Hui Chon, deputy general manager, data intelligence lab, Coupang. “Moreover, the maintenance costs are low, and we can access immediate technical expertise through Oracle Premier Support for Software.”

Implementation Process

Coupang implemented a major improvement project for its online ordering application over approximately 18 months in an effort to achieve 99.99% system availability and build consumer confidence in its service delivery. The project involved developing read-and-write permissions for the database, new virtual IP addresses, and automated backup and recovery. The final step was to improve system availability and performance.