Credishop Shortens Credit Card Transaction Time by 80% through Database Replication

Credishop Shortens Credit Card Transaction Time by 80% through Database Replication

  • Oracle Customer:  Credishop
    Location:  Piauí, Brazil
    Industry:  Financial Services
    Employees:  950
    Annual Revenue:  Under $100 Million

Credishop—administrator for its own brand of credit cards and for those of other companies and partners—decided to improve its IT infrastructure to sustain its rapid growth by implementing Oracle GoldenGate 11g. The company used the solution to replicate its databases, creating identical databases so that each one can attend to distinct business needs. One database is dedicated solely to processing credit card transactions (which is the company’s most critical operation), and the other handles routine operations, such as call center service and billing.
Credishop ensured high availability and high processing speed for both environments, reducing the time needed to process credit card transactions by 80%, which translates to faster customer service and improved productivity. Credishop’s Oracle database environment supports more than 900 simultaneous users and handles approximately 800,000 transactions per month without interruptions or delays.

A word from Credishop

  • “Oracle GoldenGate 11g enabled us to replicate all of the most important and critical data in our Oracle Database, Enterprise Edition, which handles 95% of all data processed by Credishop, including credit card transactions. With this combination, we realized exceptional performance gains and can now authorize a sale in just three seconds.” – Edgar Galan Rodrigues, Database Administrator, Credishop



Why Oracle

“We began using Oracle when we were founded in 1999, and we trust Oracle’s solutions 100%. Our adoption of Oracle GoldenGate 11g brought a series of gains to our business. With greater speed and agility, we have greatly improved customer service,” said Edgar Galan Rodrigues, database administrador, Credishop.