CSS International Improves Human-Resource Management Using Cloud-Based System for Performance Reviews and Fostering Professional Growth

CSS International Improves Human-Resource Management Using Cloud-Based System for Performance Reviews and Fostering Professional Growth

CSS International, Inc. is an Oracle partner specializing in systems integration, business-process improvement, IT implementation, and managed services for the Oracle community. CSS holds Oracle specializations in seven areas and is certified in the Oracle Business Accelerator program.




A word from CSS International, Inc.

  • “With Oracle HCM Cloud, we have a first-class human resources system that our staff can access from anywhere in the world, and we can scale as needed. As a result, we can better plan and manage our workforce as we continue to add innovations to our HR system.” – Kirk King, CEO, CSS International, Inc.

  • Deploy a comprehensive, integrated, and cost-effective human capital management (HCM) solution to manage internal processes for hundreds of IT consultants across North America
  • Formalize and standardize performance review process and goal setting across the organization, and understand how these areas drive training needs for the firm’s IT consulting professionals
  • Increase collaboration across the IT-consulting firm to increase efficiencies and share ideas and best practices
  • Gain experience with Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud) applications to benefit the firm’s IT-services clients


  • Improved ability to formalize and clearly define human resources (HR) processes to ensure consistency and best practices across the growing IT-consulting firm
  • Gained visibility into HR information and trends, automated HR processes, and streamlined reporting compliance with Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud (Oracle HR Cloud)
  • Gave CSS the ability to grow to meet the IT consulting firm’s unique HR functional needs while benefitting from a subscription-pricing model, avoiding costly IT customizations, and removing the need for additional hardware investments
  • Launched a more structured, dynamic, and relevant performance review process, in which employees are reviewed after IT project completion, to drive meaningful professional development conversations throughout the year
  • Gained flexibility to have either the organization’s or project’s manager spearhead the review process for more informed feedback
  • Extended visibility into HR data to identify skill-set strengths as well as areas for employee improvement and growth
  • Used group-spaces capabilities to improve communication with employees regarding HR-related information, processes, and issues
  • Enhanced adoption of social media and increased collaboration between employees—who are often dispersed across customer sites—with Oracle Global HR Cloud
  • Automated HR processes, including performance reviews—replacing cumbersome paper-based proceedures to improve traceability, efficiency, and visibility
  • Enabled the company to effectively link employee goals to company goals—to optimize resource use and employee engagement
  • Expanded visibility into professional development trends and requirements, including the ability to assess how groups of employees are progressing
  • Expanded visibility into individual and organizationwide skill sets, including Oracle certifications, enabling project managers to optimize the use of resources and better match talent to IT consulting projects
  • Gained valuable insight into Oracle HCM Cloud implementations that the company can apply with its IT consulting clients

Why Oracle

“As an Oracle partner specializing in Oracle deployments, the choice of Oracle Global HR Cloud applications was an easy decision for us. Oracle delivers a world-class and highly flexible HR system. In addition, our internal implementation has provided valuable experience and insight that we can apply when deploying Oracle HCM Cloud in our clients’ organizations,” said Greg Pressley, professional development manager, CSS International.

Implementation Process

CSS International deployed Oracle Global HR Cloud in approximately three months, and worked with Oracle Advanced Customer Support Services and Oracle Fusion Center of Excellence to accelerate time to value.