Danish Tax Authority (SKAT) Monitors Newly Deregulated, Online Gambling Market with Help from IT Platform

Danish Tax Authority (SKAT) Monitors Newly Deregulated, Online Gambling Market with Help from IT Platform

  • Oracle Customer:  SKAT
    Location:  Copenhagen, Denmark
    Industry:  Public Sector

Danish Tax Authority (SKAT) is the Danish tax authority under which the Danish Treasury calculates and collects taxes and levies charges. The agency also manages property valuations and debt settlements.

Beginning January 1, 2012, gambling companies could receive licenses to provide Danish citizens with online games, such as roulette, poker, bingo, and other forms of betting. SKAT needed to create a new department to supervise gambling enterprises to ensure they followed the rules and paid the correct taxes. It used Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database to effectively monitor these new gaming sites, collecting large data volumes from gambling suppliers, processing the information, and presenting it to tax agents through an easy-to-navigate Web portal.




A word from SKAT

  • “With our Oracle-based solution, we can quickly and efficiently validate that gaming providers pay appropriate taxes and winnings based on the country’s tax code. The combination of Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition enables us to manage very large data volumes and to easily analyze and understand the information captured about completed games.” – Thomas Høineg Larsen, Chief Project Manager, SKAT.

  • Introduce a cost-effective IT platform to manage the newly deregulated, Danish online gambling market and ensure that the gambling suppliers pay the correct taxes
  • Choose a portal solution that supports an agile development methodology and that can be used in other areas within SKAT
  • Implement a business intelligence solution that can handle large data volumes about completed games, process and present the information in an optimal way, and make automatic controls that ensure correct taxes and correct winnings are paid and legislated laws are properly followed


  • Implemented a cost-effective IT platform, based on Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Database to enable SKAT to monitor the online gambling market and also offline games, like slot machines—with controls over gambling suppliers and their rule compliance, and to collect the appropriate amount of taxes from them—while processing and analyzing large data volumes from the suppliers
  • Deployed Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebLogic Server to define, monitor, and deploy Web services and create a Web interface that allows tax agents to download reports, gambling statistics, graphs, and other information
  • Relied Oracle WebCenter Portal to support the agile development methodology (known as Scrum practices) that were used in the project, and evaluated Oracle WebCenter’s fit as a portal framework for other areas within SKAT
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence to collect, process, and present information from gambling suppliers, make tax calculations, and set up automatic controls to ensure gambling suppliers follow the rules—such as paying the correct amount of money to the players
  • Worked with Oracle partner Systematic to help develop the solution and implement the platform in three months, without any delays


Oracle partner Systematic was the main contractor on the project and was responsible for development and operations of the solution. The development process was conducted using agile methods (Scrum practices) —to fulfill the customers need for a fast deployment. 

The agile process was facilitated by the Oracle products, and it was possible to create very early releases that still contained the necessary functionality.