Demand Analysis Deploys Innovative Application in the Public Cloud and Delivers Rapid, Affordable Customer Intelligence to Clients
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Demand Analysis Deploys Innovative Application in the Public Cloud and Delivers Rapid, Affordable Customer Intelligence to Clients

Demand Analysis is a rapidly growing technology company whose solutions help service organizations understand and eliminate costs associated with delivering services to their clients.

Demand Analysis works with like-minded organizations that focus on improving services, increasing customer satisfaction, and reducing costs. By helping service organizations better understand their customers’ needs, Demand Analysis clients are able to reduce the level of avoidable contact.




A word from Demand Analysis Ltd

  • "It is a significant asset for us to tell customers that our entire application is run on Oracle Database Cloud Service. We first show them how our application delivers customer intelligence for their businesses, and then explain that, with Oracle technology behind the service, they can adopt it flexibly and with full confidence in its scalability, security, and high availability.” – Peter Mulligan, Cofounder and Director of Sales and Marketing, Demand Analysis Ltd

  • Identify and adopt an enterprise-class hosting, delivery, and development platform for the IT startup’s core failure-demand application that is affordable and easy to use—both for end user and internal teams—making best use of existing database and SQL skills while focusing on main business activities
  • Deliver software application to the marketplace that provides customer service organizations with an affordable and scalable way of capturing customer demand while avoiding hefty, up-front capital expenditures
  • Offer a valuable and complementary service, which is easily installed, maintained, improved centrally, can be licensed and used as a utility, and that co-exists with clients’ current customer relationship management (CRM) solutions
  • Provide scalable software in the public cloud for live production environments that have a broad range of client organizations


  • Developed the company’s core failure-demand application with Oracle Apex; the Oracle Database Cloud Service’s rapid application development tools
  • Used Oracle Public Database Cloud as the platform for Demand Analysis' solution, enabling the company to offer free trials and live solutions to prospective clients, starting at a low monthly price
  • Enabled clients, such as consulting firms and call centers, to seamlessly capture customer insight and generate reports of end-customer intelligence for management decision-makers
  • Delivered the failure-demand application securely and professionally across a range of platforms for multiclients in multitenant environments
  • Provisioned fully customized, highly scalable demand analysis tools for several new clients with each cloud able to support up to 1,500 concurrent users, in as little as five days after the initial order
  • Received positive feedback from clients able to view customer demand, produce capability charts, schedule analysis reports, and monitor real-time failure-demand dashboards without a sizeable, up-front CRM investment, thanks to Oracle’s scalable and incremental cloud model

Why Oracle

Although Demand Analysis had previous experience with Oracle technology and services, including application development with Oracle Application Express, it still investigated other potential cloud service providers. It found that other providers did not have the same level of customer service infrastructure or ability to quickly understand the company’s business needs. In stark contrast, Demand Analysis felt Oracle quickly understood its strategy, provided presales consultancy and support, had transparent pricing, and offered the tightest possible integration with Oracle Application Express, which had been used for existing Oracle APEX applications, which were migrated to Oracle Database Cloud Service.
“Without Oracle Application Express, I would have no business,” said Steve Harrop, cofounder and director of technology, Demand Analysis Ltd. “I was able to take my Oracle Application Express development skills and use my existing Oracle Database knowledge to create a fully functioning business application hosted on the Oracle Database Cloud Service. Being able to use Oracle’s tools to respond rapidly to client feedback is a real business advantage. I was able to transform our desktop application into a fully functioning mobile solution in just one day. How good is that?”

Implementation Process

Using previous business experience, Steve Harrop and Peter Mulligan created the Demand Analysis failure-demand solution in three months, starting in March 2013. Demand Analysis was able to take advantage of Oracle’s free, six-week trial period to prove the suitability of both the hosting solution and end-to-end application. In just one day, Harrop managed to convert the entire application from a desktop-only version to a fully responsive web application capable of being used on any desktop or mobile device. He was able to do this through the use of Oracle’s excellent, responsive theme within Oracle APEX, needing limited knowledge of mobile design to achieve this result

Demand Analysis recently load tested its failure-demand analysis application to prove the suitability of its application with Oracle Database Cloud Service and was delighted with its reliability and performance levels. The tool will undergo several months of additional testing with a number of early customers, including consulting firms, contact centers, and nonprofit organizations.