Dongguk University Saves More than US$30,000 in Annual Audit Costs by Strengthening Transparency and Security for Student Services
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Dongguk University Saves More than US$30,000 in Annual Audit Costs by Strengthening Transparency and Security for Student Services

Founded in 1906, Dongguk University is one of the Republic of Korea’s leading private higher education institutions, serving 30,200 local and international students at its campuses in Seoul; Gyeongju; and Los Angeles, California. Dongguk strives to become one of the top 10 universities in the world by 2020 and is committed to a future-oriented educational system, based on internationalization and management development programs.

Dongkuk University deployed a Web-based student administrative research system (which it called uDRISM) to provide more efficient student services, including course registration and certificate issuance. The system contains important and sensitive data for all staff and students. Teachers, employees, and graduate students across different campuses have access to the system at various privilege levels.




A word from Dongguk University

  • “We chose Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall for its proven high security and performance in collecting and reporting on database audit trails. With Oracle, we improved users-access-detail transparency for the entire research system, strengthened data security, and saved more than US$30,000, annually, in audit costs.” – Sang-kuk Moon, Team Leader and General Manager, Information Planning Team, Dongguk University

  • Prevent nonauthorized access to, and modification of, sensitive data in the student administrative research system, including student grades, staff salaries, research expense information, and performance appraisals
  • Improve monitoring of privileged users and task details, including user access records and activity logs at the database level
  • Comply with Korea’s Personal Information Protection Act audit requirements, which require organizations to control user access to IT systems and ensure segregation of duties
  • Reduce costs and time spent on manually collating, analyzing, and verifying audit reports


Oracle Product and Services

  • Saved more than US$30,000 in annual audit costs by automating the collection, storage, and analysis of sensitive university data
  • Improved transparency of the student administrative research system by monitoring users’ access—such as login times and university campus locations—and verifying users’ activities
  • Strengthened real-time data security by automatically detecting and alerting administrators of suspicious activities, such as multiple access failures
  • Simplified identification and management of class enrollment issues by using Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall to detect whether changes made to registration records were system errors or due to user negligence  
  • Ensured availability and security of sensitive university and student data by identifying which users made changes to records, their IP address, and user login and access details through the Oracle Database Vault command rules function
  • Mitigated security breaches by using database monitoring and immediately blocking unauthorized external log-in attempts and violators’ efforts to conceal their locations

Why Oracle

Dongguk University chose Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall because it allows the auditing of privileged user activity at the database level, consolidating audit trails into a central and secure repository, and then reporting on regulatory compliance.

In 2008, Dongkuk University implemented Oracle Database with Real Application Clusters. Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall ensured seamless integration with the existing environment and provided an optimized solution for supporting the university’s desired audit functions.

“We trust Oracle products to be reliable and perform at a high level, and Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall was no exception. The solution greatly improves the transparency and security of our administrative research system,” said Sang-kuk Moon, team leader and senior manager, information planning team, Dongguk University.

Implementation Process

In May 2009, Dongguk University conducted a proof-of-concept with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, and deployed the solution to support its student administrative research system in September 2009.

After the Republic of Korea passed the 2011 Personal Information Protection Act, Dongguk University used Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall’s command rule functionality to ensure compliance by recording data regarding user logins to the required audit system.