Drugstore.Com Uses the Rightnow Social Contact Center to Provide Uncommonly Superior Customer Experiences
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Drugstore.Com Uses the Rightnow Social Contact Center to Provide Uncommonly Superior Customer Experiences

Competition among retailers has never been tougher and, as a pure-play online retailer, drugstore.com has the added challenge of convincing customers to shop online for items they typically buy at the corner store. Think toothpaste, laundry detergent, or a bottle of aspirin. Consumers look to online retailers for the convenience of shopping from home and having products delivered to their doorstep. With more than 70,000 products, or five times what the average drugstore offers, drugstore.com is the retailer to give it to them. Success in the highly competitive online retail space means leveraging every interaction to provide superior customer experience and that is exactly what drugstore.com is doing.
As the company grew and increased the number of products it sold, the number of tools contact center agents used jumped to nearly ten different applications. The contact center had become very complex—slowing agents down, and making it difficult to get new agents up-to-speed quickly.

Customer Experience Philosophy

A word from drugstore.com

  • “The challenge that companies face in the retail market is that customer expectations are going up, up, up. We don’t have the same branding opportunities as a brick-and-mortar store, so for us, every customer service touchpoint is vital. Our brand IS our customer experience. RightNow has a more intuitive, smarter contact center solution and it ensures that we don’t miss a step.” —Ron Kelly, Vice President of Customer Care and Pharmacy Services, drugstore.com, Inc.

“Customer experience is vital to what we do,” states Ron Kelly, vice president of customer care and pharmacy services at drugstore.com. “A customer is a lot more loyal to an organization if they have actually had an issue and had it resolved, rather than if they never had an issue in the first place. For this reason, the customer care organization is uniquely positioned to help increase customer loyalty.” In addition to enhancing the brand by delivering great customer experiences, Kelly’s organization is looking to generate revenue. “Care organizations are always pressed to save money, we are just starting to look at ways our agents can actually drive revenue,” says Kelly.

A Single View of the Customer

Building on Knowledge

A Holistic Approach to Social

Chatting Drives Revenue

Enjoying the ROI

The Benefits of a Happy Workforce

Customer Experience Is the Brand

About drugstore.com




  • Build a brand known for “uncommonly superior customer experiences”
  • Use every customer interaction as an opportunity to reinforce the brand and build loyalty
  • Manage social interactions as an unified part of our customer engagement strategy
  • Improve agent productivity and decrease call handle times


Oracle Product and Services

  • RightNow Technologies
  • 30% conversion on beauty chat sessions with 20% increase in basket size
  • 30% email volume reduction, 67% reduction in email handle times
  • 16% reduction in call handle times
  • Savings of over $350k per year from call deflection
  • Multi-channel care: web self-service, email, phone, mobile, and social
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