Dubai Customs Assesses 20,000 Customs Declarations per Day, Reduces Average Time for Processing a Declaration from Four Hours to Less Than Ten Minutes
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Dubai Customs Assesses 20,000 Customs Declarations per Day, Reduces Average Time for Processing a Declaration from Four Hours to Less Than Ten Minutes

Strategically located in the United Arab Emirates between the Eastern and Western markets, Dubai is one of the major trading hubs in the world. Dubai Customs, established more than one hundred years ago, provides its customers with exemplary services to facilitate the trade of goods and the movement of people in Dubai. In addition to customs activities, Dubai Customs works to achieve other strategic goals, such as monitoring intellectual property rights of traded goods, offering community protection against fraud and prohibited goods, delivering information technology innovation, and facilitating a legitimate world trade movement.




A word from Dubai Customs

  • “Oracle works as our strategic partner to help sustain Dubai’s trade growth and business continuity. Thanks to Oracle technology, we deployed mission-critical applications with real-time capabilities and standardized workflows as an integrated solution and delivered a high-performance risk assessment engine capable of assessing more than 20,000 customs declarations per day.” – Younis Othman, IT Director, Dubai Customs

  • Deploy a high-performance relational database management system (RDMS) to support a in-house developed risk engine that analyzes each customs declaration and decides—based on complex mathematical modeling—if the declaration must be verified manually
  • Achieve high availability for mission-critical applications to support core functions with zero down time—such as enabling self-service customs solutions
  • Support cost-effective application scalability to meet the anticipated trading activity growth of more than 20% per year
  • Enhance application integration capabilities with a robust, reliable out-of-the-box solution and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)


  • Deployed Oracle Database to deliver a high-performance online risk scoring and assessment engine, with a database engine capable of supporting complex risk profile queries, to automate the credibility assessment of customs declarations
  • Gained the ability to handle multiple data sets—such as exporter/importer, broker, merchandise, volume and origin/destination—match the data against risk profiles, communicate the outcomes seamlessly to numerous applications, and assess an average of 20,000 trade transactions per day (expected to increase to 40,000 in two years’ time)
  • Reduced the time needed to clear a customs declaration from four hours to less than 10 minutes by supporting integration and performance requirements with numerous releases of in-house developed applications with Oracle SOA Suite
  • Reduced risk engine application TCO by more than 60%, monitoring the solution with only two administrators
  • Deployed and integrated mission-critical applications based on Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.5 and Oracle SOA Suite with real-time capabilities and standardized workflows—such as Mirsal 2, a feature-rich channel for Dubai’s trading community that clears 87% of all trade transactions in less than 10 minutes
  • Exceeded the expected performance of mission-critical applications with advanced query construction and processing capabilities, resulting in transaction processing times of a fraction of a second
  • Increased the organization’s capability to react to business changes on the fly—such as creating new risk profiles or executing risk impact analysis for new profiles—without involving IT staff by providing web-based self-service applications using Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
  • Used Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition to provide managers with self-service, interactive dashboards and reports—such as risk profile engine performance and real-time monitoring of risks associated with customs transactions
  • Ensured real-time operations with high availability, supporting database deployments across numerous commodity servers and providing hardware failure fault tolerance with Oracle Real Application Clusters
  • Safeguarded the trading community and citizens from potentially dangerous transactions while processing legitimate transactions rapidly with a risk management approach based on accurate and permanently available data

Why Oracle

“We selected Oracle because it was clearly the best solution for our technology stack, based on a comprehensive technical evaluation. Oracle fully satisfied the challenging integration and performance requirements for Dubai Customs’ mission-critical systems,” said Younis Othman, director, IT department, Dubai Customs.